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Bonds and his personal shopper

Let me see if I understand this. Kathy Hoskins, whose testimony they reread to the jury this morning, was employed as Barry Bonds personal shopper. Really? You mean people actually have personal shoppers? It’s like you want a Big Mac but instead of getting it yourself you tell this person you employ for that purpose to jump in the car and drive over to McDonald’s and buy the Big Mac and drive home. Or say you want a Christmas present… Read More »

Why Bonds should fear Kathy Hoskins

As I mentioned, someone will read Kathy Hoskins’ testimony to the jury first thing Monday morning. The jury clearly is interested in this. The defense wanted the jury to disregard Hoskins. No such luck. I find it puzzling that Bonds left the courthouse and everyone had to wait for him to return before the judge addressed the issue of the Hoskins’ testimony in open court. Bonds is still a pretty arrogant guy to just leave court before court tells him… Read More »