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Levi Leipheimer vs. Lance Armstrong

I’m confused. Levi Leipheimer admitted to being a drug cheat and all over the internet I’m reading articles that defend him. I admit to know almost nothing about cycling. But here’s what I wonder. Lance Armstrong made a lot of money cheating and so did Leipheimer. So, why is Leipheimer a better guy? Leipheimer ratted out Armstrong but Armstrong didn’t rat out Leipheimer. Why does this make Leipheimer a better guy? Please, would someone better informed than I explain these… Read More »

Levi Leipheimer, just another drug cheat

I met Levi Leipheimer only once and I almost never write about him. I cover Bay Area sports and Leipheimer is a Santa Rosa athlete and resident. I have admired his accomplishments on a bicycle, but now I don’t admire him at all. I have covered many drug cheats and it turns out, Leipheimer is just another one of them — a phony and a rules breaker. He is kind of a hero in the 707, I guess, but that… Read More »

Is Levi Leipheimer a hero or a cheater?

I make it my business not to write about sports in Sonoma County. The Press Democrat has fine writers who cover the 707, and my job is to write about Bay Area Sports. I don’t even live in Santa Rosa. But I just read an astonishing article online at the PD website, an article which makes me sad and angry. It says Levi Leipheimer, a local hero in Sonoma County, may have engaged in blood doping. He also may have… Read More »