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A’s want to stay in Oakland five more years

A’s front man Lew Wolff wants the team to stay in Oakland five more years. Which brings me to something I learned a long time ago. Never listen to what the powerful people say. Look at what they do. Wolff keeps saying he wants the A’s to move to San Jose. He says the team WILL move to San Jose. But the team plays in Oakland and almost surely will continue to play in Oakland the next half decade and… Read More »

Lew Wolff won’t buy Dodgers

I woke up this morning only to read this press release from the Oakland A’s about Lew Wolff wanting to buy the Dodgers: “There is no truth to this report.  Mr. Wolff has no interest whatsoever in purchasing the Los Angeles Dodgers franchise.  Furthermore, he has no knowledge of the source of any such rumor, and he has informed Major League Baseball and Dodgers ownership of his position.” First off, I never knew he was rumored to buy the Dodgers.… Read More »