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Random thoughts

I’m sitting in the press room at the US Open waiting for things to get heated up — Tiger tees off in 3 1/2 hours — and I want to chat about a few non-golf topics I haven’t had a chance to discuss. MANNY RAMIREZ: You can’t blame the A’s for signing Ramirez to a minor-league deal. It was a low risk move and it might have amounted to something. It didn’t work out and both sides acknowledged that. So… Read More »

A’s should sign Barry Bonds

Here is a link to my Thursday column, the first I’ve written in a week. It concerns the Oakland A’s and their signing of Manny Ramirez, twice busted for illegal use of performance enhancing drugs, and very old on top of that. I believe it was a great idea for the forward thinking A’s to sign Ramirez — it sure has entertainment value. I’m just surprised they haven’t signed other older players who also have been linked to steroids —… Read More »

Manny being Manny

In a related development, Manny Ramirez retired today after he tested positive for prohibited drugs for the third time. If he wanted to continue playing and was proved guilty he would have been suspended 100 games. What a beaut that guy is. Reporters here in the courthouse joked they wanted reaction from Barry Bonds re: Ramirez. But it doesn’t work like that. Doubtless Barry would have said it’s morally deplorable to use PEDs.