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Jed York or Mark Davis, you make the call

Here is a link to my Sunday column which asks the eternal question, Who is a better owner Mark Davis or Jed York? The full text runs below: Who is a better team owner, Jed York or Mark Davis? Both are in the news. Both are searching for new head coaches. So, if you were a head-coaching aspirant, which owner would you rather work for? At first, the answer seems obvious. A new coach would rather team up with Jed… Read More »

The dilemma of Mark Davis and the Raiders

Here is a link to my column about Mark Davis and the Raiders after the Raiders’ ninth straight loss. The full text runs below: OAKLAND — It’s difficult to write about the Oakland Raiders. Forgive me for getting personal. No earthly reason exists to write a column about their 41-17 loss to Denver, about what happened in the game. The Raiders losing to the Broncos was a familiar story. The Raiders came. The Raiders played. The Raiders lost. A columnist… Read More »

Raiders and Mark Davis screw up big time

Here is the opening to my Monday column about the Oakland Raiders: Shame on the Oakland Raiders. Shame on Raiders’ owner Mark Davis, such a silly man. The Raiders fired their head public relations man on Saturday, although he’d been banned from the Raiders’ facility before that. The man’s name is Zak Gilbert and he’s a good guy, and this firing makes Mark Davis seem like a twit — not for the first time in his life. You may be… Read More »

Mark Davis gets something off his chest

Here is the opening to my Monday column about the Raiders: OAKLAND — A significant thing happened after the Raiders lost to the Saints 38-17, after they dropped their third game in a row by a combined score of 135 to 69, after their record fell to a hopeless, hide-your-head-under-the-pillow 3-7. Mark Davis, son of Al and current owner of the team, entered the silent, mostly empty, very gray locker room. He stood in the area where the offensive linemen… Read More »

Al Davis was a bad father

Mike Silver, who used to work at the Press Democrat, published a fascinating column about Hue Jackson. He says Mark Davis fired Jackson because Jackson witnessed and knew how shabbily Al Davis treated his son Mark. That humiliated Mark and he did not want someone as coach who had seen all that. Silver also says Reggie McKenzie should not have fired Jackson. I disagree with Mike on the firing. I believe it was correct to fire Jackson. But disagreements happen… Read More »

Mark Davis did not show tact

I praise Mark Davis for hiring Reggie McKenzie and for doing it fast. I believe McKenzie will clear out the deadwood in the Raiders organization. I praise Davis for letting McKenzie do his thing, including firing Hue Jackson. But I have one serious criticism of Davis. Tuesday was Davis’ first press conference, a time for him to make a good impression, a time for him to make nice, a time for him to keep the focus on the team and… Read More »