Was race a factor in Mark Jackson firing?

I keep reading race was a factor in the firing of Mark Jackson. Really? Was race a factor when the Warriors hired him? I mean, if they don't want a black coach now, they would not have wanted one then. Critics of the firing cannot have it both ways. I [...]

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Lacob right to fire Jackson

Here is a link to my Wednesday column about the firing of Mark Jackson. The full text runs below: OAKLAND — Let's skip the preamble about why the Warriors fired Mark Jackson and if it was the right call. We'll get to that stuff later in this column. Warriors owner [...]

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The cases for and against Mark Jackson

Here is a link to my Tuesday column presenting the cases for and against giving Mark Jackson a contract extension. The full text runs below: Today’s assignment is to analyze Mark Jackson’s future with the Warriors. He has one year left on his contract. And that means the issue comes [...]

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Warriors’ no-excuse coach

I will link to my column about the Warriors' elimination as soon as it gets posted. For now, two points. Mark Jackson always talks about the Warriors being a no-excuse team and him being a no-excuse coach. After tonight's elimination, he reminded journalists he was "missing a starting center and [...]

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Mark Jackson’s problem

Here is a link to my Thursday column about Mark Jackson. The full text runs below: Put aside the euphoria of the Warriors’ excellent season. Put aside they’re in the playoffs the second straight year. Put aside all of that for a moment. Admittedly, it’s a lot to put aside. [...]

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Mark Jackson opens up

Here is a link to my Monday column about Mark Jackson. The full text runs below: OAKLAND -- Here is the Q & A from Mark Jackson's pregame press conference before the Warriors beat the Jazz 130-102. Jackson has lost two assistant coaches in the past two weeks, the latest [...]

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How loss of Mike Malone affects Warriors

Here is the opening to my Sunday column discussing how losing Mike Malone affects Mark Jackson and the Warriors: Mike Malone is leaving the Warriors to become head coach of the Sacramento Kings. Malone was the highest-paid assistant coach in the NBA his two seasons with the Warriors, with good [...]

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Warriors-Spurs preview, at the end of the day

Here is the opening to my Monday column previewing the playoff series between the Warriors and Spurs: Would someone please explain why that trade — Monta Ellis for Andrew Bogut — was no good for the Warriors? Facts MONDAY’S GAME NBA playoffs, second round Game 1, best-of-7 series Warriors at [...]

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Mark Jackson fined 25 grand

The NBA fined Mark Jackson 25 grand for stuff he said about the Nuggets. He clearly implied George Karl is a thug. I chastised Jackson in the morning's column for making a bunch of excuses. The league obviously thinks he went over a line -- he did. Some of you [...]

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Is Mark Jackson a no-excuse coach?

Here is the opening to my Thursday column about Mark Jackson and the Warriors: OAKLAND - For a no-excuse coach, Mark Jackson sure had lots of excuses after the Warriors lost to Denver on Tuesday night. Read what Jackson said after Game 5. He was referring to a hard foul [...]

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