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Mark Jackson’s problem

Here is a link to my Thursday column about Mark Jackson. The full text runs below: Put aside the euphoria of the Warriors’ excellent season. Put aside they’re in the playoffs the second straight year. Put aside all of that for a moment. Admittedly, it’s a lot to put aside. In a sense, these playoffs are all about coach Mark Jackson’s future. From everything we’ve read, from everything we’ve heard, from the Bat Signal beaming bright over Oakland, we understand… Read More »

Mark Jackson opens up

Here is a link to my Monday column about Mark Jackson. The full text runs below: OAKLAND — Here is the Q & A from Mark Jackson’s pregame press conference before the Warriors beat the Jazz 130-102. Jackson has lost two assistant coaches in the past two weeks, the latest Darren Erman for unspecified transgressions, and there is talk about dysfunction on his staff and his job security not being secure. This transcript has a few sentence fragments. Conversation is… Read More »

How loss of Mike Malone affects Warriors

Here is the opening to my Sunday column discussing how losing Mike Malone affects Mark Jackson and the Warriors: Mike Malone is leaving the Warriors to become head coach of the Sacramento Kings. Malone was the highest-paid assistant coach in the NBA his two seasons with the Warriors, with good reason. He was the best assistant coach in the league, and a certain amount of evidence says he, not Mark Jackson, coached the Warriors. That last statement is both true… Read More »

Warriors-Spurs preview, at the end of the day

Here is the opening to my Monday column previewing the playoff series between the Warriors and Spurs: Would someone please explain why that trade — Monta Ellis for Andrew Bogut — was no good for the Warriors? Facts MONDAY’S GAME NBA playoffs, second round Game 1, best-of-7 series Warriors at San Antonio Time: 6:30 p.m. TV: TNT Radio: 1050 AM We used to hear that all the time, how Ellis was the heart and soul of the Warriors and how Bogut was damaged… Read More »

Mark Jackson fined 25 grand

The NBA fined Mark Jackson 25 grand for stuff he said about the Nuggets. He clearly implied George Karl is a thug. I chastised Jackson in the morning’s column for making a bunch of excuses. The league obviously thinks he went over a line — he did. Some of you will justify what Jackson did. And I know what you’ll say — that he served notice on the league to look out for Nuggets’ dirty plays. His serve cost him… Read More »

Is Mark Jackson a no-excuse coach?

Here is the opening to my Thursday column about Mark Jackson and the Warriors: OAKLAND – For a no-excuse coach, Mark Jackson sure had lots of excuses after the Warriors lost to Denver on Tuesday night. Read what Jackson said after Game 5. He was referring to a hard foul Nuggets forward Kenneth Faried laid on Stephen Curry. Jackson thought Faried intentionally went after Curry’s ankle: “I’ve got inside information,” Jackson said, “that some people don’t like that brand of… Read More »

Mark Jackson on being old school

Before tonight’s game Warriors coach Mark Jackson spoke about his being old school: “I come from the day and time when if you played then nothing was wrong with you. And if you didn’t you were sick. You could be sick but if you played you were fine and you just got outplayed or you just played great. It would be great for me to say I don’t feel well and then go get 35 or get 3. I’ve got… Read More »

We don’t know sports figures

When you talk to Mark Jackson he looks you in the eye. His voice is sincere and he comes across honest and straightforward and when you walk away from him you think this is a good man. Jackson may in fact be a very good man. But he got himself into trouble, acted foolishly and now he looks bad and so do the Warriors. I am not here to condemn Jackson. I’m sorry he was the victim of an extortion… Read More »

Introducing Mark Jackson

I went by the Warriors today, waited until after practice to interview new coach Mark Jackson one on one. I love the ice-breaker, introductory interview. I love to get the first glimpses of a new personality. I don’t know Jackson, but we are both New Yorkers and we speak the same language. He is a verbal guy who took on a big challenge with this downtrodden team which has high hopes. I asked him questions and he answered and I… Read More »

Mark Jackson, mystery man

The Press Democrat just posted my Mark Jackson column. In it I try to come to terms with Jackson. Will he be a good coach or won’t he? That is the question. He was impressive at his introductory news conference on Friday; the guy is verbal and smart and he’s funny. And all that is good. He’s still a mystery as far as I’m concerned. Maybe mysteries are good. Joe Lacob said he would take risks and this risk could… Read More »