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Was race a factor in Mark Jackson firing?

I keep reading race was a factor in the firing of Mark Jackson. Really? Was race a factor when the Warriors hired him? I mean, if they don’t want a black coach now, they would not have wanted one then. Critics of the firing cannot have it both ways. I doubt race was a factor in either case. The Dubs simply want the best coach.

Lacob right to fire Jackson

Here is a link to my Wednesday column about the firing of Mark Jackson. The full text runs below: OAKLAND — Let’s skip the preamble about why the Warriors fired Mark Jackson and if it was the right call. We’ll get to that stuff later in this column. Warriors owner Joe Lacob phoned me 4 p.m. on Tuesday. Here are the high points of our conversation. Cohn: What qualities did Mark Jackson not have? Lacob: “Let me give you an… Read More »

The cases for and against Mark Jackson

Here is a link to my Tuesday column presenting the cases for and against giving Mark Jackson a contract extension. The full text runs below: Today’s assignment is to analyze Mark Jackson’s future with the Warriors. He has one year left on his contract. And that means the issue comes down to this: Should the Warriors give him an extension? If the Warriors do not extend Jackson, he will be a lame duck. No one wants a lame duck coach.… Read More »

Warriors’ no-excuse coach

I will link to my column about the Warriors’ elimination as soon as it gets posted. For now, two points. Mark Jackson always talks about the Warriors being a no-excuse team and him being a no-excuse coach. After tonight’s elimination, he reminded journalists he was “missing a starting center and a backup center.” All that is true. All that also is an excuse, or two excuses. Be consistent, Coach. Second point. Stephen Curry was flat-out great in Game 7 —… Read More »

Mark Jackson’s problem

Here is a link to my Thursday column about Mark Jackson. The full text runs below: Put aside the euphoria of the Warriors’ excellent season. Put aside they’re in the playoffs the second straight year. Put aside all of that for a moment. Admittedly, it’s a lot to put aside. In a sense, these playoffs are all about coach Mark Jackson’s future. From everything we’ve read, from everything we’ve heard, from the Bat Signal beaming bright over Oakland, we understand… Read More »

Mark Jackson opens up

Here is a link to my Monday column about Mark Jackson. The full text runs below: OAKLAND — Here is the Q & A from Mark Jackson’s pregame press conference before the Warriors beat the Jazz 130-102. Jackson has lost two assistant coaches in the past two weeks, the latest Darren Erman for unspecified transgressions, and there is talk about dysfunction on his staff and his job security not being secure. This transcript has a few sentence fragments. Conversation is… Read More »

How loss of Mike Malone affects Warriors

Here is the opening to my Sunday column discussing how losing Mike Malone affects Mark Jackson and the Warriors: Mike Malone is leaving the Warriors to become head coach of the Sacramento Kings. Malone was the highest-paid assistant coach in the NBA his two seasons with the Warriors, with good reason. He was the best assistant coach in the league, and a certain amount of evidence says he, not Mark Jackson, coached the Warriors. That last statement is both true… Read More »

Warriors-Spurs preview, at the end of the day

Here is the opening to my Monday column previewing the playoff series between the Warriors and Spurs: Would someone please explain why that trade — Monta Ellis for Andrew Bogut — was no good for the Warriors? Facts MONDAY’S GAME NBA playoffs, second round Game 1, best-of-7 series Warriors at San Antonio Time: 6:30 p.m. TV: TNT Radio: 1050 AM We used to hear that all the time, how Ellis was the heart and soul of the Warriors and how Bogut was damaged… Read More »

Mark Jackson fined 25 grand

The NBA fined Mark Jackson 25 grand for stuff he said about the Nuggets. He clearly implied George Karl is a thug. I chastised Jackson in the morning’s column for making a bunch of excuses. The league obviously thinks he went over a line — he did. Some of you will justify what Jackson did. And I know what you’ll say — that he served notice on the league to look out for Nuggets’ dirty plays. His serve cost him… Read More »

Is Mark Jackson a no-excuse coach?

Here is the opening to my Thursday column about Mark Jackson and the Warriors: OAKLAND – For a no-excuse coach, Mark Jackson sure had lots of excuses after the Warriors lost to Denver on Tuesday night. Read what Jackson said after Game 5. He was referring to a hard foul Nuggets forward Kenneth Faried laid on Stephen Curry. Jackson thought Faried intentionally went after Curry’s ankle: “I’ve got inside information,” Jackson said, “that some people don’t like that brand of… Read More »