My dinner with Marty and Gary

I just returned from dinner with Marty Lurie and Gary Furness, two of my closest friends. We ate at Bocanova in Jack London Square, Oakland and talked baseball nonstop. Gary drove down from Santa Rosa where he's a doctor. My vacation is almost over and it's nice to cap it [...]

By | August 21st, 2012|5 Comments

Marty Lurie and the pleasures of baseball

Whenever I cover a Giants home game, as I did Thursday, Marty Lurie comes over from his seat on the radio side of the press box, and sits with me most of the game. This is our tradition. What do we do? We talk the game. We talk through it, [...]

By | May 18th, 2012|15 Comments

Aubrey Huff, sort of

Something else from Marty Lurie's show. He said if Aubrey Huff keeps hitting this poorly the Giants will need to get a veteran first baseman from the waver wire. I agree. How can the Giants go into the postseason -- if they go into the postseason -- with a first [...]

By | August 7th, 2011|7 Comments

Willie Mays and the basket catch

Over at ComcastSportsNet BayArea they are celebrating Willie Mays' 80th birthday in all sorts of ways. Grant just contributed a column about Mays' distinctive basket catch, the most famous fielding maneuver in baseball history. Can you name something more distinctive? Grant used Marty Lurie as his guest expert, Marty who [...]

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