The Cainer back

SF Giants put Matt Cain on disabled list with a back strain. I was at the Wednesday game, at Cain's postgame presser and he never talked about a back strain. He clearly didn't have a back strain the first 4 innings when he threw shutout ball. Maybe he got a [...]

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Giants, Cain bad bad

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Whither Pagan and Cain?

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Matt Cain sort of apologizes

The Chron published an article on the biggest water guzzlers, swillers in the East Bay. Matt Cain and Adonal Foyle made the list. The Chron wrote about them using a subhead "Foyle, Cain Contrite."  According to the Chron, Foyle took questioners on a tour of his grounds and showed how [...]

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The end for Cain and Lincecum?

Here is a link to my Wednesday column. The full text runs below: This isn’t the saddest story ever told. But it’s sad, anyway; It’s the Saga of Timmy and Matt — better known to the world as Tim Lincecum and Matt Cain. The saga was supposed to have a [...]

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Cain’s non-progress

In his pregame presser, Bochy just said he has no idea when Matt Cain will throw again or be ready to pitch in a game. The Cainer is a big question mark. Can someone figure out how much Cain has earned for each of his two wins so far this [...]

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Lincecum, Cain — what gives?

Here is a link to my Friday column about Tim Lincecum and Matt Cain. The full text runs below. So, how do you like Tim Lincecum and Matt Cain now? It was all praise about them in spring training. How they were throwing the ball great. How they had lost [...]

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Good sign for Game 3

The Cainer currently is warming up in deep left field, so there may be a game after all. I just loved writing The Cainer. I should have written he's getting greased up, a Krukowism.

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Rain in St. Louis and what Bochy will do with Cain.

It is starting to rain in St. Louis. It may be a whopper, I don't know. Players are still warming up on the field. In his pregame presser Bochy spoke about what he will do with his starter Matt Cain in light of possible rain. I quote him from a [...]

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Giants win home opener — Lowell column

I attended the Giants home opener on Friday and I enjoyed it very much. There is nothing in sports like a baseball team's home opener, especially if that team is the San Francisco Giants. It helped that Matt Cain threw a one-hit shutout and looked like Juan Marichal, and it [...]

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