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Cain’s non-progress

In his pregame presser, Bochy just said he has no idea when Matt Cain will throw again or be ready to pitch in a game. The Cainer is a big question mark. Can someone figure out how much Cain has earned for each of his two wins so far this season? FYI, Rich Lieberman just wrote me an email saying Cain so far has earned $10 million for each of his two wins.

Lincecum, Cain — what gives?

Here is a link to my Friday column about Tim Lincecum and Matt Cain. The full text runs below. So, how do you like Tim Lincecum and Matt Cain now? It was all praise about them in spring training. How they were throwing the ball great. How they had lost speed on their heaters but that was a natural evolution in the career of every elite pitcher. Speed loss was strictly no problem because they had learned how to pitch,… Read More »

Rain in St. Louis and what Bochy will do with Cain.

It is starting to rain in St. Louis. It may be a whopper, I don’t know. Players are still warming up on the field. In his pregame presser Bochy spoke about what he will do with his starter Matt Cain in light of possible rain. I quote him from a transcript courtesy of MLB. BRUCE BOCHY     Q.  Obviously with the weather forecast, how much in contact are you with the League?  When are you going to hear like… Read More »

Giants win home opener — Lowell column

I attended the Giants home opener on Friday and I enjoyed it very much. There is nothing in sports like a baseball team’s home opener, especially if that team is the San Francisco Giants. It helped that Matt Cain threw a one-hit shutout and looked like Juan Marichal, and it helped that the Giants seem to be able to hit and now they seem to be able to pitch. As openers go, this was promising, even though the Giants still… Read More »

Barry Zito — the key question

I was contemplating Matt Cain’s new and very big contract while eating breakfast. That led me to think about Barry Zito’s old and very big contract. “Do you think Zito’s contract is the worst in baseball history?” I asked Grant. “In sports history,” he said, “unless there’s a worse contract in soccer, but I wouldn’t know about that.” So, Dear Reader, do you think Zito’s contract is the worst in a) baseball history, b) sports history?

Giants keep Matt Cain

I wrote my Tuesday column on the Giants and Matt Cain, how they gave him a whopper extension, and why that’s very very good. In a way, the Giants defined their franchise once again as a team that keeps its key players and competes with other teams in terms of contracts. It would have been very bad for the Giants to lose Matt Cain to, say, the Red Sox or Yankees or Dodgers. To read my column on the importance… Read More »

Best 5 starting pitchers on Giants and A’s

Grant just published a controversial piece on ComcastSportNet BayArea. He asked a simple question. If you combine the A’s and Giants starting pitchers, who would be your starting rotation — i.e. your best five? Some of his answers are obvious, like Tim Lincecum. Duh. Some of his candidates aren’t so obvious and his order may catch you by surprise. There is plenty of room for argument here — he would love to get your thoughts. To read Grant’s column, click… Read More »

Cain better than Lincecum

Matt Cain is a better starting pitcher than Tim Lincecum. Lincecum is good but Cain is better. Cain is better in this postseason and he will be better going forward. He is bigger, more durable, more precise, more strong-willed, just better. What he did against Texas in Game 2 of the World Series was a big deal. Remember it was a tight game for a long time until the Giants blew it open. Cain maintained the lead against a strong-hitting… Read More »

Cain’s floperoo

Matt Cain flopped big time in his Friday’s start which could have brought the Giants the division title but only brought them grief. He gave up 3 homers and six runs before he got run out of the game. Cain is a very good pitcher but what happened to him indicates a possible problem with the Giants pitching staff — too young and too green and certainly not experienced yet in big games. To read my column on Cain and… Read More »