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Major League Baseball goes after the bad guys

Here is the opening to my Thursday column about Baseball’s latest attempt to suspend drug cheaters: Major League Baseball is trying to get the bad guys. Good for Major League Baseball. By the bad guys, I don’t mean crooks or murderers or spies, nothing as sinister as that. I’m talking about the drug-cheating liars who are messing up the national pastime. Some are repeat cheaters. Some are the biggest names in baseball. They are bad guys. To read the entire… Read More »

Melky Cabrera and the batting title

Major League Baseball is staring down the barrel of yet another dilemma caused by Melky Cabrera — the Juice Man. What happens if he wins the NL batting title? It could happen, believe me. And if it happens it would be unfortunate, as in very bad. There is an easy solution. If Cabrera wins, commissioner Bud Selig must void his title and award it to the next guy on the list. Simple as that. Simple and necessary.

Melky Cabrera gets in more trouble

In a moment I will link to an article that, as far as I can tell, is strictly on the level. The New York Daily News is reporting that Melky Cabrera knew the authorities were on to his drug cheating, so he and some of his people endeavored to set up a phony website which, he could claim, sold him the testosterone which he “accidentally” took. The authorities cracked this lie pretty quickly, putting Melky even more in the soup.… Read More »

Melky Cabrera Part III: a state of mind question

Here’s the third part of my Melkman Trilogy. When Cabrera was cheating this season, how did he feel about it? He was the All Star Game MVP. Fans in SF went nuts over him. The media lavished him with praise. He was a sports hero. Did he feel like a fraud? In his place, I would have. Did he feel guilty, lose sleep? Did he tell himself all that mattered was his results on the field no matter how he… Read More »

Melky Cabrera Part II

The Giants have had two players suspended for drugs this season — Melky Cabrera and Guillermo Mota. Did I miss anyone else? That’s two on a 25-man roster. Which leads to a question: On a typical 25-man roster, how many players do you think are using performance-enhancing drugs? I assume some users do not get caught. I’m amazed any of them get caught.

Say it ain’t so, Melky

Geez. Melky Cabrera just got suspended 50 games for drug cheating. That means he won’t play anymore in the regular season, although he could return for the playoffs — if the Giants can make it to the playoffs without him. So, I have some questions for you: Will the Giants make the playoffs without Cabrera? Was he having a fabulous season because he cheated? Is it wrong he got suspended? Should major league baseball let these guys blatantly cheat with… Read More »