Singletary vs. Harbaugh

Sarcastic question: How is this Niners' offense better than Singletary's Niners' offense? I can't see a difference. I know what you're thinking -- Harbaugh isn't showing anything on purpose. I agree, so far he isn't showing anything. This Tim Ryan guy keeps saying the Niners haven't had a lot of [...]

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Mike Singletary, quarterback guru

I'm having trouble writing this post because I'm laughing so hard. I just read an article in today's Chron by David White who's in Mobile for the Senior Bowl. He interviewed Mike Singletary who used to tell everyone how the quarterback position was no big deal -- one of 11 [...]

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Singletary and Baalke didn’t get along

Comcast's Matt Maiocco interviewed Mike Singletary at the Senior Bowl and came away with some fascinating insights from the former 49ers coach. I was most interested by Singletary's admission he and Trent Baalke did not get along. I had heard rumors but no confirmation. Guys not getting along is not [...]

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Mike Martz and the 49ers

Mike Martz is doing a marvelous job with the Chicago Bears, who will play in the NFC Championship game. He adapted his way-out offense to the Bears' personnel and has done wonders with QB Jay Cutler. I bring this up to praise Martz but also to point out Mike Singletary [...]

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Singletary fired — my column

My column on Mike Singletary The Final Act -- The Firing -- just got posted on the Press Democrat website. In the column, I concentrate on Singletary's arrogance and his abysmal lack of understanding of how to coach football. I concentrate on Jed York's culpability in all that has gone on [...]

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Singletary fired

Jed York fired Mike Singletary with one game to go. It is right and fitting. York had to send a message that this bad coaching, this slop could not continue one more day. Don't feel sorry for Singletary because he's rich and you're not. I killed my Monday column and [...]

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Singletary disliked

Judging by comments on my blog readers thoroughly dislike Mike Singletary. They dislike him as a coach but also they dislike how he carries himself. I guess that means they just plain dislike him. I kind of like him. We had a public fracas last year as everyone knows and [...]

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Fire Singletary now?

I pose this question to Zohn readers. Now that it's obvious Jed York has had it with Mike Singletary, should the Prince fire Singletary now or allow him to coach the final game next Sunday? I think he should fire him now. Your thoughts please.

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Bye Bye Singletary

The 49ers lost to a so-so Rams team and got eliminated from the playoffs and their record slid to an unsightly 5-10. Does this mean this is the end of Mike Singletary as 49ers head coach? Let's hope so. He is clueless. He is the worst Niner head coach since [...]

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Singletary in snit

Mike Singletary and Troy Smith really got into it after Troy threw a pick. I suppose Singletary took that as a teaching moment and then things got out of hand. One question: Who in the world is Singletary to teach a QB anything?

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