Mike Tyson autobiography

This is about Mike Tyson, but I'll start out with Charles Dickens. I am not a Dickens person -- at universities they're called Dickensians. In every Dickens novel too much crummy stuff mixes with the good stuff, for my taste. So I'm rereading Bleak House and keep begging Dickens to [...]

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Mike Tyson raw

Here is the opening to my Sunday column about Mike Tyson: Mike Tyson is saying, “Hey, well, check this out. I was planning on killing myself. My wife was just my friend at that time and I asked her to spend some time in Vegas. She got pregnant and she [...]

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Tiger Woods is Mike Tyson

Here is the opening to my Tuesday column: Tiger Woods is Mike Tyson, and Mike Tyson is Tiger Woods. This is not to suggest Woods and Tyson have the same personality. Tyson was a thug who went to the slammer for rape, although he seems kind of lovable now. And [...]

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How 49ers are bullies like Mike Tyson — and is that good?

Here is the opening to my Tuesday column about the 49ers' run defense which isn't what it used to be: SANTA CLARA The San Francisco 49ers are Mike Tyson. Oh, that may be an overstatement. So, let me be more subtle. They show signs of being Mike Tyson, and that [...]

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