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Mike Tyson autobiography

This is about Mike Tyson, but I’ll start out with Charles Dickens. I am not a Dickens person — at universities they’re called Dickensians. In every Dickens novel too much crummy stuff mixes with the good stuff, for my taste. So I’m rereading Bleak House and keep begging Dickens to get on with it, and then I switched to Tyson’s autobiography, one hell of a book. It’s called Undisputed Truth. My friend Lawrence Epstein recommended it to me — Lawrence… Read More »

Mike Tyson raw

Here is the opening to my Sunday column about Mike Tyson: Mike Tyson is saying, “Hey, well, check this out. I was planning on killing myself. My wife was just my friend at that time and I asked her to spend some time in Vegas. She got pregnant and she had to go to prison in two weeks. When she came back, she started talking about building a company. “When she’s saying this, I’m saying, ‘Look at the state we’re… Read More »

Tiger Woods is Mike Tyson

Here is the opening to my Tuesday column: Tiger Woods is Mike Tyson, and Mike Tyson is Tiger Woods. This is not to suggest Woods and Tyson have the same personality. Tyson was a thug who went to the slammer for rape, although he seems kind of lovable now. And Woods has a thin Stanford veneer from the minute or two he spent on the Farm. And Woods, for the most part, has controlled his public image in ways Tyson… Read More »

How 49ers are bullies like Mike Tyson — and is that good?

Here is the opening to my Tuesday column about the 49ers’ run defense which isn’t what it used to be: SANTA CLARA The San Francisco 49ers are Mike Tyson. Oh, that may be an overstatement. So, let me be more subtle. They show signs of being Mike Tyson, and that should make them worry. For a time, Tyson was a very good heavyweight. He was the most famous boxer in the world and he knocked out a lot of guys… Read More »