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Billy Beane vs. Art Howe

Stan has asked why I haven’t written about Moneyball the movie or addressed Art Howe’s complaint that he was misrepresented in the movie. I have not seen the movie and do not intend to — although I read the book. I don’t think I can comment on a movie I haven’t watched. I don’t want to see the film because, from what I’ve read, it partly fictionalizes the events of that season and the people involved — a season and… Read More »

Moneyball the movie trailer

The trailer has been released for Moneyball the movie. I’m linking to it below and I’d like to know your thoughts about it and the movie project in general. The trailer shows Billy Beane, played by Brad Pitt, as a baseball visionary, and maybe he is. He certainly is charismatic and I can understand why someone would write a book about him and why someone would make a movie about him. It’s just that Beane recently had to fire his… Read More »