Monta Ellis vs. Andrew Bogut

Here is the opening to my Tuesday column examining the Monta Ellis for Andrew Bogut trade almost a year later: There has been disappointment about Andrew Bogut, and with good reason. He has been a presence on the Warriors in the sense of mostly being an absence. And now, in [...]

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Monta Ellis returns

Monta Ellis returned to Oracle Arena on Friday night. He returned for the first time and this was the only time he will return for the first time, and he and the Milwaukee Bucks destroyed the Warriors. Destroyed was Warriors coach Mark Jackson's word. The fans applauded Ellis and the [...]

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Warriors at the half

I'm over here at the Warriors game, where they trail Milwaukee 56-43 at the half. Lots of love from the fans and Warriors organization for Monta Ellis tonight. All very nice. He has ten points, two assists, four rebounds. I'll post my Ellis column later. I have to write it [...]

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Monta Ellis for Andrew Bogut. Yes!!

As I promised earlier, I wrote a column on the Warriors trading Monta Ellis and two others (Ekpe Udoh and Kwame Brown) for Milwaukee center Andrew Bogut and one other (Stephen Jackson, ugh!). In my humble opinion, this is one heck of a trade for the Warriors even though they [...]

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Warriors trade Monta Ellis to Bucks

I knew this day couldn't be simple. We're just getting dinner ready and now the Warriors went and traded Monta Ellis for the Bucks' Andrew Bogut. This is a good trade -- Bogut very well could be the center Golden State needs. So now I'm writing a column about that [...]

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Monta Ellis and sexual harrassment

As you know by now, a former Warriors employee has accused Monta Ellis of sexual harassment. She held a press conference this morning in Oakland announcing her lawsuit and she also showed a photo allegedly implicating Ellis. The Warriors just sent out a statement addressing this potentially volatile issue. Obviously, [...]

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The Warriors’ year of magical thinking

I wrote my Tuesday column based on a pre-draft confab Warriors general manager Larry Riley held on Monday with local writers -- to tell about the team's draft plans but not to tell too much. He said the Warriors need to improve. Duh. He indicated Stephen Curry and Monta Ellis [...]

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Mark Jackson on Monta Ellis

I just got home from the Mark Jackson intro news conference. He is an interesting guy, well spoken. After the regular news conference part he fielded questions privately from repoters and naturally we asked about his backcourt -- Can it defend? How would he feel about trading Monta Ellis? A [...]

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Trade Monta Ellis Part II

Lots of stuff in today's papers about Monta Ellis. It seems the Warriors are talking to lots of teams about trading their diminutive backcourt star for someone bigger, someone who plays defense as well. This makes sense. Joe Lacob is a risk taker -- he hired an announcer to be [...]

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Don’t trade Monta Ellis — Grant’s dissenting view

This is Grant addressing my dad directly. Dad, what’s for dinner? One more thing. You’re wrong about Monta Ellis. He isn’t the guard Larry Riley should trade, that’s Curry. Ellis is already a better player than Curry will ever be. Curry’s a shooting guard who isn’t big or quick enough [...]

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