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Nate Davis to Seattle

I just got home from my appearance at Comcast. On the show they were saying Nate Davis will sign with Seattle. This is interesting. Scot McCloughan, as you know, works in personnel with the Seahawks and he was a Nate supporter with the Niners. Davis never got his shot in San Francisco — Mike Singletary was never impressed with him. As you know Davis has a learning disability and Singletary maintained he did not work hard. But there still may… Read More »

Nate Davis, the final word for now

By now you know the Niners added Nate Davis to their practice squad. Good for them and good for Davis. He obviously needs more work and the 49ers showed, in good faith, they continue their commitment to developing him. You also know the 31 other teams refused to pick him up and that’s why he became available again to the 49ers. This does not speak well for Davis. And remember many Niner fans thought Davis was the secret weapon who… Read More »

My column on Singletary and Nate Davis

For Wednesday I wrote a full column about Mike Singletary and Nate Davis. Many Zohn readers find this a fascinating topic and I do, too. I believe we learned a lot about Singletary through this episode. He is a lot harder and more unsentimental than we might have thought. I consider his behavior good in this scenario — the way a head coach must act — although I was sad to see Davis take the fall. To read my column,… Read More »

Nate Davis cut part 2

The Niners signed quarterback Troy Smith to a one-year deal to be the third quarterback, after cutting Nate Davis. Smith won the Heisman Trophy playing for Ohio State and was drafted by the Ravens in the 5th round in the 2007 draft. He is 1-1 as a starter with a 79.7 passer rating. Obviously, Mike Singletary thinks Smith is more up to speed than Davis. I can’t argue. Davis admitted he was shaky on the play book and didn’t work… Read More »

Nate Davis gets cut

The 49ers cut Nate Davis. That’s the reality and it’s a stark reality. After one of the exhibition games Mike Singletary went off on Davis, said he didn’t have the proper work ethic and didn’t work hard enough in the offseason. A lot of people — me included — wondered if Singletary was merely trying to motivate Davis through the media. It doesn’t appear that way now. Singletary was telling the truth — Davis was in trouble. That means Singletary… Read More »

Nate Davis Part 2

I’m linking to my Tuesday column down below. It is my second column in a row on Nate Davis, who ordinarily would not deserve such extended treatment. He is a minor player on the 49ers. But his story is fascinating, one of the little dramas that plays out in preseason. And I believe there is more to say about it and him. Also, many 49ers fans believe in Davis — prematurely, I think — and there is plenty of interest in… Read More »

Singletary Rips Nate Davis

The headline for this blog entry is “Singletary Rips Nate Davis.” No exaggeration. In an ordinary postgame Q&A with Matt Maiocco and me doing the questioning, Singletary did not hesitate to vent his frustration with Davis’ progress and his work ethic and maybe even his future with the team. This came as a surprise considering Davis had connected on a 60 yarder to Ted Ginn — 60 yards in the air. But he obviously did not do other things well, and… Read More »

Nate Davis advocates were wrong

Much of last season Nate Davis advocates flooded me with emails saying Nate Davis is better than Alex Smith and represents the future of the 49ers at quarterback. Some advocated him as starter last season. It may be true that Davis will be the starter in the long run but last season and right now Davis is not ready. Even he admits that. And the coaches certainly don’t think he’s ready. I asked a lot of questions at 49ers headquarters… Read More »

Nate Davis, the drama

Yesterday Mike Singletary said Nate Davis is coming along slower than the coaches want. I pursued this statement today with Jimmy Raye, Davis and Dominique Zeigler. Here is a transcript of my interviews — column to follow. On Monday, Mike Singletary had some hard words for Nate Davis. “He’s coming, not as fast as we would like, not as fast as the coaches would like, but he’s coming. I think the biggest thing with Nate is to figure out how… Read More »