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NY Giants fans vs Niner fans

Earlier today, Grant linked to a column by Filip Bondy of the New York Daily News allegedly putting down Niners fans and praising New York Giants fans. It was a funny column, a wonderful column done in a good spirit. Several readers on Grant’s blog — some readers who used to comment on my blog in the good old days — felt offended by Bondy. They thought he was putting down San Franciscans and Bay Areans. I believe they read… Read More »

49ers will beat Giants

The Santa Rosa Press Democrat just posted my Sunday column, the prediction column. I am picking the 49ers to defeat the New York Giants, which means I say the Niners will go to the Super Bowl in Indianapolis. I believe the Niners are the better team — they already beat the Giants once this season. And I believe Frank Gore will have a big game, must have a big game. To read my column and get an insight into my… Read More »

Fan’s guide to NFC championship game (Grant article)

I am linking to a Grant article and this one I really enjoy doing. Bill Pinella, our editor at the Santa Rosa Press Democrat, asked Grant, this morning, to write a fan’s guide to the NFC championship game coming up on Sunday. Grant leaped into the project in a way he never, frankly, leaped into most of his courses at UCLA — he was a good student — and he came up with something informative and clever. I am having… Read More »

Battle of wide receivers: Niners vs. Giants

I am giving linkage to Grant’s blog which, in turn, contains links to two articles. Grant wrote a piece on the Niners’ wide receivers and Phil Barber wrote a piece on the Giants’ wide receivers. In the newspaper, this is known as a package. And, believe me, the combination of what Grant and Phil did gives the Santa Rosa Press Democrat quite an informative package leading up to the NFC championship game. To read Grant’s blog which will lead you… Read More »

How Giants will defend Niners (Grant comment)

I’m about to hit the sack early tonight — it’s been a long football season — but before I shut out the light, I want to link one more Grant post. This one is about how he believes the New York Giants will defend against the Niners, or at least attempt to defend them. Grant points out several miscalculations the New Orleans Saints made, mistakes the Giants probably will learn from. This stuff is worth thinking about as this week… Read More »

49ers at the half

Quickie halftime thoughts. This is one terrific game. We usually think of terrific games as offensive battles. This is defensive battle and it’s so interesting. Each offense must earn every inch of turf. These are two excellent teams. I want to point out that Eli Manning blinked before Alex Smith did. So far, Smith is doing very well.

49er will beat Giants

I’m sitting here waiting for Stanford to play Oregon and my mind wandered to tomorrow’s game between the Giants and Niners. I think the Niners will win, and kind of easily. They will run against the Giants and they will stop the Giants from running. Eli Manning will be forced to pass a lot and he’ll get picked off. What will the score be? I have no idea.