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Lowell’s five favorite quarterbacks

Here is a link to my column about my five favorite quarterbacks. The full text appears below: Drew Brees is the reason for this column. I got to thinking I love Drew Brees the quarterback, love to watch him work and play. Then I asked myself: “Who are my top-five, all-time favorite quarterbacks?” Not the best. The five I love or loved to watch more than anyone else. I’m limiting my discussion to the 1980s and after. Sorry, Johnny Unitas,… Read More »

49ers guilty of not signing Manning

Here are the first few paragraphs of my column on the Niners game vs. the Broncos: The 49ers beat the Broncos 29-24 but the 49ers were awful when it counted, as in disastrous, as in painful on the eyes. Be clear about that. The third exhibition game is close to being a real game. The vast majority of coaches game plan for the third game, although it’s unknown if Jim Harbaugh game planned. When asked if he would game plan,… Read More »

At least 15 quarterbacks who would improve 49ers right now

I woke up with an idea buzzing around my head. How many quarterbacks in the NFL are capable of making the 49ers offense better than it is with Alex Smith in charge? And who are they? Here are 15 off the top of my head – i.e. almost half the starters in the league in sort of an order: Aaron Rodgers Drew Brees Tom Brady Peyton Manning Eli Manning Ben Roethlisberger Tony Romo Philip Rivers Cam Newton Andrew Luck Matthew… Read More »

Was Harbaugh right to bring up Peyton Manning?

I want to revisit Jim Harbaugh’s unusual diatribe from Wednesday. I was on Comcast last night and Purdy, correctly I believe, said Harbaugh said what he said to defend Alex Smith from what Jon Beason tweeted — that if Peyton  Manning had come to the Niners, they would have cut Smith. Purdy’s interpretation seems right on. And that leads me to some questions and I hope you’ll play this quiz — I am seeking your opinion and promise not to… Read More »

Jim Harbaugh sure is puzzling

I am over at Comcast before going on at 5 pm. When I walked in the station everyone was startled and puzzled about what Jim Harbaugh said today that Alex Smith always was his first choice and he never would have dumped Smith for Peyton Manning even though he personally went to see Manning workout. Gee. I’m confused about stuff. Like why did Harbaugh go to see Manning? Like was he really not as interested in him as he was… Read More »