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Super Bowl announcing on TV. And what’s up with Brad Seely?

I did not like the work of Jim Nantz and Phil Simms on TV. Remember, I don’t usually hear these guys because I’m in the press box. They consistently did not give down and distance and they NEVER told us the yard line. Simple stuff. Basic stuff. God knows what they were babbling about. Very bad. But, and this is a big one, at the very end, Simms brought up the possibility of the Ravens intentionally going for a safety.… Read More »

Phil Simms wrong about Andrew Luck

Phil Simms is an opinionated football analyst. And for that I appreciate him. Recently, he said Andrew Luck does not make big time NFL throws and he questioned Luck’s arm strength. I happen to disagree with these Simms opinions. I’ve seen Luck play a lot and he has a big time arm and he makes big time throws. I mean, duh? He probably doesn’t throw as hard as Brett Favre threw. So what? Neither did Joe Montana. He probably doesn’t… Read More »

Californians aren’t tough, really?

Phil Simms generally did a good job as the analyst on the Jets/Steelers game Sunday. He said one thing, though, which made my head spin. He was talking about Jets QB Mark Sanchez and said — I’m paraphrasing — people questioned Sanchez’ toughness because he’s from California but he’s proven to be tough. Say what? Since when are Californians not as tough as people from other parts of the country? This is the same mindset that said Bill Walsh’s Niners… Read More »