Raiders halftime

Raiders trail Rams at halftime 7-3. The Rams? The Raiders are into their second game and have not scored a TD in the first half of either one. What gives?

By | September 19th, 2010|3 Comments

Same old bad Raiders

I admit I could be jumping the gun on this one. It's early in the 4th quarter in Tennessee and the Raiders trail by the gruesome score of 38-6, but they could come back. A fine team like that could mount a stirring comeback, one for the ages. I don't [...]

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Cohn’s Raiders preview

My Friday column is a preview of the Raiders' season. I determined to be positive about the Raiders -- what the heck they haven't done anything wrong yet and they seem much more focused and serious than they have in a long time. The Raiders need a lot of things [...]

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Six essential Raiders questions

They just posted my Friday column on the Press Democrat website. I am at the Raiders final exhibition game at the Oakland Coliseum but not a lot usually happens in Exhibition Game 4 so I wrote my column early. I posed six questions the Raiders must answer in the affirmative [...]

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Column from Raiders/49ers

Here is my column from the just-completed Raiders/49ers exercise tonight at the Oakland Coliseum. There are so many things to write about because every play means everything and nothing at the same time. I didn't write about Alex Smith because the real season is near and I'll write about him [...]

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What to take away from 49er/Raiders game

This is what I take away from the 49ers/Raiders game, late 3rd quarter. Jason Campbell is better than I thought. He's also hurt. Darrius Heyward-Bey is a lot better than I thought. Good for him. The Raiders could not control Frank Gore and I wonder if they have, indeed, improved [...]

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Defining success for 49ers, Raiders

Tiburon Dave asked me to define success for the Raiders. Good question. I'd like to define success for the Raiders and 49ers. Success for the Raiders is 8 wins. Just win half their games. This would show significant progess and it would show the team has a program and the [...]

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49ers and Raiders and what they have to prove

Both the Raiders and 49ers have big things to prove in the upcoming season. They have different things to prove, momentous in both cases. To read my column -- my first since vacation -- on the Raiders and Niners burdens of proof click here. PS: You may need to go [...]

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