Barbieri gets big settlement

Rich Lieberman is reporting Ralph Barbieri will get a settlement of $4 million from KNBR after getting fired. I guess there was a legal battle -- wrongful termination suit with Cumulus Radio -- and I guess Ralph won. I mean 4 million is a lot of dough. I haven't seen [...]

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The Giants and Ralph Barbieri

Rich Lieberman, who writes 415 media, just sent me over an interesting entry about the Giants and Ralph Barbieri. Lieberman writes that the relationship between the team and Barbieri was sometimes contentious -- we know Barbieri sometimes got under Brian Sabean's skin on radio. Lieberman relates an incident that took [...]

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Barbieri to sue Cumulus

I just got this email from my man Rich Lieberman at 415 Media. (Neal also linked this to my blog.) Here goes: As I predicted here, seems The Razor, Ralph Barbieri, fired last week by KNBR/Cumulus, has legal plans and is prepared to go to court to make his case. He's [...]

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Will Barbieri sue KNBR?

Rich Lieberman is what you call a media gadfly. That's a good thing. I've known him forever and he writes a blog about local media called 415 Media. I don't know how he knows stuff, but he really knows stuff. He has good sources and he predicts big media news [...]

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Ralph Barbieri Part II

Since I posted a blog about Ralph Babieri late Wednesday, I have gotten a ton of responses on my blog. Some were positive about Ralph and some were critical. All were polite -- and I thank you for that. My conclusion is that Ralph mattered even to people who do [...]

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Ralph Barbieri let go

The news came out today that KNBR let Ralph Barbieri go. I had heard for a while that management had cooled on him but I never investigated deeply. I feel bad for Ralph. We are friendly and when I used to go on KNBR, we had fun together and he [...]

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Lowell on radio and TV and why I wear makeup

I wrote my Tuesday column about what it's like for a regular guy like me to appear on radio and TV, which I do all the time -- although it always seems weird that people want to talk to me on air. Excuse me for writing about myself. I was [...]

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