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Is Randy Moss a twit?

At Super Bowl media day today, Randy Moss proclaimed he is the best wide receiver who ever lived. The man is a twit. For starters, you don’t proclaim your own greatness. That’s for other people to say. And there’s the issue of him being plain wrong. Jerry Rice was better. Rice happened to play for the Niners so Moss is belittling a local hero. Twit. Rice had guts and ran across the middle and got slammed. Moss does not like… Read More »

Randy Moss, a question. And then a larger question

Question: Has Randy Moss added anything significant to the 49ers offense? Through four games he has 8 catches, one TD. He has been the target of passes 12 times. None of this is astonishing. Larger question: Is the 49ers’ offense appreciably better this season than last? Remember, the Niners got Moss and Brandon Jacobs and Mario Manningham so they would add explosion to their offense. Have you seen explosions? The Niners got first and second-round draft picks they don’t use.… Read More »

What Randy Moss said

I don’t know what to make of Randy Moss. I don’t know if he can play or if he can’t play. The Niners must have thought he could play otherwise they would not have signed him, but he does not seem to play a lot. After the Niners lost to the Vikings, someone asked Moss if he’s happy with his playing time. “Next question,” was his response. Please tell me what he meant by next question. I do not know.… Read More »

Alex Smith and Randy Moss

As preparation for coming off vacation, I’ve been reading transcripts from 49ers coaches. Recently, Greg Roman talked about that second and 7 play against the Texans where Alex Smith threw to Vernon Davis — it was incomplete — even though Randy Moss was streaking downfield, apparently open. Roman said Smith made the right read. Maybe he made the right read because Davis was the first option. But it still was the wrong read. Please allow me to explain. This is… Read More »

Randy Moss, model student

I’m up here in Ashland Oregon, but I still read about sports — hey, I’m on Comcast next Monday and don’t want to come off as a dope. I’m reading that Randy Moss will address the media today. Moss is a Hall of Fame receiver and a good pick up by the Niners. A few things I want to point out. According to what I’ve read, Jim Harbaugh is waxing enthusiastic about Moss’ attitude etc. It may turn out that… Read More »

Moss might be problem on 49ers

As I promised earlier, here is my Tuesday column about the San Francisco 49ers signing wide receiver Randy Moss, and this column is a sub for my earlier column about Alex Smith. I acknowledge Moss has been a great player and he will go into the Hall of Fame, for sure, but he hasn’t played in more than a year and he has, I believe, a problem personality. He may be great for the 49ers and then again he may… Read More »

Moss to 49ers

ESPN is reporting the Niners have signed Randy Moss to a one-year deal. So, forget about that column I already put up about Alex Smith because now I’m onto Moss. In fact, I am sitting at the dining-room table with Grant — we had chicken for dinner prepared by Mrs. Cohn Zohn — and he’s blogging on Moss and I’m about to start my Moss column which will run in the Press Democrat tomorrow and on our website some time… Read More »

Randy Moss to work out for 49ers

It is being reported that Randy Moss will work out for the 49ers tomorrow. If Moss has any speed left, looking at Moss makes sense for the Niners. Aside from Vernon Davis they have no deep threat, and that hurts their offense. And, no, Ted Ginn is not a deep threat. He is a substandard wide receiver, better suited to special teams. Of course, Moss is, I believe, a strange guy. But the Niner locker room is solid and would… Read More »

Jerry Rice bashes Randy Moss

Jerry Rice recently called out Randy Moss. He said Moss was sometimes lazy and didn’t always run his routes. Everyone knows this is true. Everyone also knows Moss did not like to run across the middle. Rice said Moss’ sometimes lack of effort offended him. It should have offended everyone. Rice says Moss was more gifted than he was — I don’t agree. But Rice’s point is clear. Moss didn’t achieve what he might have because of a flawed character.… Read More »