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Eric Davis out at 49ers

Eric Davis is being replaced by Tim Ryan as 49ers’ radio analyst. Rich Lieberman wrote a post analyzing the move. Here is a link to why he thinks Davis is no longer with the Niners: http://richliebermanreport.blogspot.com/2014/01/why-eric-davis-was-really-booted-from.html?spref=tw

Barbieri gets big settlement

Rich Lieberman is reporting Ralph Barbieri will get a settlement of $4 million from KNBR after getting fired. I guess there was a legal battle — wrongful termination suit with Cumulus Radio — and I guess Ralph won. I mean 4 million is a lot of dough. I haven’t seen Ralph in a while and I wish him and his son well. And I praise Rich for getting this scoop. You can read Rich on 415 Media. To read his… Read More »

Lowell on Rich Lieberman’s show

Rich Lieberman is what they call a media watchdog. He gets all kinds of interesting scoops and he knows everyone. He just got a new radio gig and I’ll be one of his guests on Sunday night at 9:00 pm — that’s after I cover the Raiders game and rush back home. Preceding me will be my friend Michael Krasny. Michael and I started out at the same time and we have been pleased with each other’s careers and we… Read More »

Lowell gets praise

I always enjoy to get praised. I’m sure you do too. My old friend Rich Lieberman, who writes a lively and highly informative media blog about the media business in the Bay Area, just put up an entry about yours truly. He praised me a lot and I hope I deserve his praise. Years ago, when I still had hair, I was a guest in Rich’s journalism class at SF State (he was a student), that’s how long we know… Read More »

The Giants and Ralph Barbieri

Rich Lieberman, who writes 415 media, just sent me over an interesting entry about the Giants and Ralph Barbieri. Lieberman writes that the relationship between the team and Barbieri was sometimes contentious — we know Barbieri sometimes got under Brian Sabean’s skin on radio. Lieberman relates an incident that took place in the parking lot. Lieberman has good sources, but I never have investigated the parking-lot incident and can’t vouch for it myself. Lieberman’s post is interesting and to read… Read More »

Will Barbieri sue KNBR?

Rich Lieberman is what you call a media gadfly. That’s a good thing. I’ve known him forever and he writes a blog about local media called 415 Media. I don’t know how he knows stuff, but he really knows stuff. He has good sources and he predicts big media news before it’s even news. So I want to share his latest post, which predicts Ralph Barbieri will sue Cumulus which owns KNBR. I have no idea if there will be… Read More »

Rich Lieberman on Lowell Cohn on Gary Radnich

Rich Lieberman, the must-read media critic and blogger in the Bay Area, just posted these excerpts from my conversation this morning with Gary Radnich on KNBR. I appreciate Rich doing that, although he included a photo of me. I looked at the photo and asked myself, “Who is that old guy?” Then I realized it was me. I’ll have to give Rich a photo of me at my bar mitzvah. To read Rich’s blog click here.