On the Raiders run defense

Here is the opening to my Monday column about the pathetic Raiders run defense, as displayed as Tampa Bay: OAKLAND You're feeling pretty good about the Raiders after what happened Sunday. Sure, they lost to Tampa Bay 42-32 and fell to 3-5, but the offense came back several times and [...]

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Richard Seymour ejected again

Richard Seymour got ejected today for punching a guy. Really solid players don't get ejected. They help their teammates win and they stand with their teammates when they lose. They don't find a way out and off the field. Last season, he got ejected and fined 25 grand for cheap [...]

By | December 4th, 2011|12 Comments

Seymour not as good as a first-round pick

Gary Peterson, the superb sports columnist at the Contra Costa Times, wrote a thought-provoking column about the Raiders' Richard Seymour and the Raiders' no draft pick in the first round, as in none. The Raiders traded that pick for Seymour. At his Thursday presser new coach Hue Jackson gloated over [...]

By | April 22nd, 2011|8 Comments

Richard Seymour punches out Roethlisberger

Richard Seymour comes on like a mature, good teammate. I believe he showed who he really is when he slugged Ben Roethlisberger in the jaw on Sunday after Big Ben threw a TD pass. Ben seemed to say something to Seymour and Seymour knocked him down. No class on that [...]

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