Sean Payton as weasel

I made a discovery just the other day. Sean Payton is a weasel. Whoever studies weasels needs to do a quick check on Payton and discover where he fits into the species. Because he certainly fits in. Lately, this weasel is contemplating appealing his suspension for offering the bounties you [...]

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Ban Sean Payton for life (Lowell column)

I get all righteous in this column. I don't often do that, but today it was necessary. I applaud the National Football League for imposing harsh penalties on Sean Payton and the other bums on the New Orleans Saints for paying bounties to take out opposing players. But I think [...]

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I'm writing a column about Alex Smith for Thursday, one on Bountygate for Friday. But a quick note on Bountygate. I'm glad Sean Payton is banned a year. It should be for life. With Gregg Williams it may very well be for life. Let's be clear. There's a difference between [...]

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Sean Payton and shaky grammar

In case you missed it, Sean Payton and Mickey Loomis issued a joint statement about the bounty hunting on the Saints: "We acknowledge that the violations disclosed by the NFL during their investigation of our club happened under our watch. We take full responsibility." Don't you just love that? The [...]

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Why Saints case matters

I wrote a second column about the rogue New Orleans Saints and about paying bounties to injure opposing players. I wrote a second column on the subject because this is a scandal and the scandal is getting worse as we learn more. Many Zohn readers wrote to me after my [...]

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More Saints’ shady dealings

I keep reading weird and disturbing stuff about the Saints -- mostly about golden boy Sean Payton. His name is being linked to the name of Mike Ornstein. In one account Ornstein was identified as Payton's agent. In another, as just an acquaintance. The facts will come out. Apparently, Ornstein [...]

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NFL should ban bounty hunters

I wrote my Sunday column for the Santa Rosa Press Democrat about the New Orleans Saints and their bounty program for knocking opposing players out of the game -- paying players for things like "cart-offs." I find this program troubling. It makes a game into a blood sport. And I [...]

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Shame on Sean Payton

I just read a disturbing Sporting News story about Sean Payton of the New Orleans Saints and his defensive coordinator Gregg Williams. With Payton's knowledge, Williams instituted a bounty system, paying defensive players to hurt opponents, hopefully to knock them out of a game so they had to get carted [...]

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