Broncos will win Super Bowl

Here is a link to my Tuesday column predicting a Broncos' win in the Super Bowl. Please don't bet money on my prediction as I'm usually wrong. The full text appears below: Football is defunct. Football expired around here Jan. 19 when Richard Sherman tipped a bad Colin Kaepernick pass [...]

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49ers beat Seahawks

Here is a link to my column about the 49ers' win over the Seahawks. The full column appears below. SAN FRANCISCO --Sunday’s 49ers’ 19-17 win against the rival Seahawks was a Jim Harbaugh kind of win. Pure Harbaugh. Before I explain that, I’ll set the scene. It was a few [...]

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Prediction: 49ers vs. Seahawks

Here is a link to my Sunday column predicting the winner of the 49ers-Seahawks showdown. The full text appears below: I don’t usually get involved at this level, predicting the outcome of a game, giving the score. That’s for beat writers. Today, I’m breaking my rule. Seahawks 23, 49ers 19. [...]

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What 49ers vs. Seahawks feels like to Lowell

Here is a link to my Thursday column about the seriousness of the 49ers vs. Seahawks. The full column appears below: This is about the 49ers and the Seahawks. Trust me. When I was 13, I heard Vazquez and Greenspan were going to fight each other. They didn’t know me. [...]

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Lowell wants Seahawks to win

Nothing against the Atlanta Falcons, a worthy group, but I want the Seahawks to beat them. Why? Because it would set up the third game between the Niners and Seahawks and this has become a terrific rivalry. I want it to keep going. It's also a regional rivalry, our rivalry [...]

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Seahawks and homefield advantage

A lot of people were saying the Seattle Seahawks did not deserve home-field advantage in the playoffs. They had a losing record and a team with a losing record can't host a team with a winning record in the first round. Some people wanted to change the rules or make [...]

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49ers vs. Seahawks

It's late Saturday morning. I had a good sleep after covering the Warriors last night. I'm about to dash out of the house to buy the Christmas tree. I never thought I'd celebrate Christmas but I do along with Hanukkah. We buy the biggest tree we can find. We call [...]

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