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Rating movies

Mrs. Cohn Zohn and I just got back from the movies. We try to see a flick every Friday but yesterday I had the Pac-12 Championship. Today, we saw “Hitchcock,” very enjoyable. On the way home I asked Mrs. Cohn Zohn to rank the three movies we saw most recently. Her rating: Lincoln, Skyfall, Hitchcock. My rating: Skyfall, Lincoln, Hitchcock. When I told her I was rating Skyfall first, she said rather archly, “I know that.”  

Skyfall: two thumbs up from Cohn Zohn

Just got back from Skyfall and I loved it. Mrs. Cohn Zohn did too. I think it’s the best Bond movie ever made. It harkens back to the past movies in lots of nice ways but also is very contemporary. Lots of plot surprises and excellent acting and the movie looks simply great.