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Stephen Curry, MVP

Here is a link to my Tuesday column on Stephen Curry. The full text runs below: OAKLAND Stephen Curry wasn’t supposed to get this award — Most Valuable Player in the NBA. Not him. Not this skinny kid, short by NBA standards, frail looking, a guy who used to have bum ankles. Only three colleges offered him scholarships. He wanted to play for Virginia Tech. His dad, Dell, a former NBA star, went there. But Virginia Tech offered Curry a… Read More »

Steph Curry vs. Steve Kerr

Here is a link to my Friday column about the Stephen Curry-Steve Kerr free-throw shootout. The full text runs below: OAKLAND — The pressure is on Steve Kerr and he knows it. He stands at the foul line at the Warriors gym. To tie Stephen Curry in their free-throw contest, with the coaches and players and reporters watching, he has to nail this shot. Swish and the game will continue. Hit the rim, he is a loser. Miss entirely —… Read More »

Stephen Curry, good guy

Here is a link to my Tuesday column about Stephen Curry. The full text runs below: Stephen Curry is the most likable superstar in the NBA. He may be the most likable superstar in any sport on the planet. First a disclaimer. I should have written, “From what we know about Curry, he’s the most likable superstar.” Journalists know only a certain amount about a player, only what a player portrays to them. So, there are limits to the knowledge.… Read More »

Curry must have been kidnapped

Here is a link to my Tuesday column about Game 2 between Warriors and Clippers. The full text runs below: LOS ANGELES — Stephen Curry didn’t make it to the Staples Center for the first half of the Clippers’ 138-98 win over the Warriors. It’s such a sad story about Curry’s disappearance, and authorities are conducting a thorough investigation. Bad guys kidnapped Curry before the game and locked him in a broom closet at the arena. The bad guys were… Read More »

Stephen Curry’s ball-handling sins

Here is a link to my Sunday column about Stephen Curry, not a ball handler. The full text runs below: No offense to Stephen Curry, but what’s with that wacky ball handling? Curry is a blue-chip NBA player, a true star. Look, we all know that. He is the Warriors’ best player by a mile, and he is the Warriors’ point guard, and that’s a good thing. Until the fourth quarter when it is a very bad thing. Stephen Curry… Read More »

Warriors blown out in Game 5

Here is the opening to my Wednesday column about the blowup the Spurs put on the Warriors in Game 5 of their series: SAN ANTONIO For the first time in this semifinal series, the Warriors looked like a young team and played like a young team. The Spurs were up just three points at halftime, and they had labored to get there. You had to figure the Warriors would make a run in the third quarter, just go off with… Read More »

Warriors lose at home

Here is the opening to my Saturday column from Game 3 of the Warriors-Spurs series: OAKLAND — The Warriors didn’t wait until double overtime to lose to San Antonio as they did in Game 1 of their playoff series. That wasn’t necessary. And they didn’t run the Spurs out of the building with 3-point shots and lightning bursts down the lane as they did in Game 2. That was out of the question. Reality made an appearance at Oracle Arena… Read More »

Stephen Curry’s ankle

Here is the opening to my Monday column about Stephen Curry: he Warriors have a problem. The problem is the ankle. The ankle is Stephen Curry’s. Before we get to ankle issues, here’s what this column was going to be before Curry sprained his right ankle — yes, that ankle — with about six minutes left in an easy win over the Wizards on Saturday night. The column would have been about the resurgent and reborn Golden State Warriors —… Read More »

Warriors could have used Stephen Curry

Here is the opening to my Thursday column from the Warriors-Heat game: OAKLAND Pardon me for committing heresy on Wednesday. What was my heresy? I didn’t write about Colin Kaepernick’s Little League coach or Jim Harbaugh’s haircut or Jed York’s seventh-grade history teacher. In short, I didn’t write about 49ers’ stuff — and we’re getting pretty deep into 49er trivia these days as we search for story ideas. The Niners will play a game on Sunday in Atlanta but they… Read More »