Peyton Manning rides into his sunset

Here's a link to my Super Bowl column.

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Peyton Manning, Gary Cooper & Muhammad Ali

Link to my column predicting the Super Bowl winner.

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South Bay gets the shaft

Link to my Saturday column about the San Francisco Super Bowl. Not.

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Newton vs. Kaepernick, who gets the love?

Here's a link to my Thursday column about Newton and Kaepernick.

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Manning tired of Newton questions

Here's a link to my Wednesday column about Manning on Newton

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Pete Carroll’s Failure

Here is a link to my Tuesday column about the failure which will haunt Pete Carroll for life. The full text runs below:   Pete Carroll used to have a good reputation. Had it most of his life. Had it until just 26 seconds remained in the Super Bowl. Goodbye, [...]

By | February 2nd, 2015|20 Comments

Lowell picks Ravens

Most of you who read this blog are 49ers fans. I don't mean to annoy you with what I am about to write. I pick the Ravens to defeat the 49ers in Sunday's Super Bowl. The 49ers are an excellent team and they've had quite a season. It's just that [...]

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