Does Cable mess reflect badly on Al Davis?

Does this latest Raiders' mess, this news that Al Davis withheld $120,000 in salary from Tom Cable, reflect badly on Davis? It's a serious question. Maybe Cable did something really bad. He probably punched that guy and broke his jaw and he missed some OTAs. Who knows what else he [...]

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Cable is out

Things happen so fast around here. Trent Baalke is in and Tom Cable is out. It takes the breath away. My opinion about Cable: I have no problem with Al Davis not picking up the option on Cable's contract. Cable is a mediocre coach who got mediocre results -- there [...]

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Cable may or may not lose job

It's halftime at the Orange Bowl and I'm rushing to post my Tuesday column about Tom Cable and his Monday news conference. It could be his last as Raiders coach, or he could have others. Al Davis has a few weeks to decide whether or not to keep him. Cable [...]

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Cable talks

Tom Cable just completed his Monday presser. Here are a few selected quotes and insights. He picks the Patriots to meet Atlanta in the Super Bowl. "You can't call us losers anymore." He gives his team a grade of "B- for the season." "It was nice to get the eighth [...]

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Raiders question

Here's your key Raiders question. Should Al Davis retain Tom Cable as head coach? Many news outlets report Cable is "unlikely" to return. That does not mean he won't return, just that it's unlikely. If Davis does not want to retain Cable I'm on board with that. The team improved [...]

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Cable on last legs

The Raiders flopped against the Dolphins Sunday after coach Tom Cable made a big point of starting his favorite quarterback, scrappy little Bruce Gradkowski who wasn't so hot. In my humble opinion, that's the beginning of the end for Cable. Al Davis prefers Jason Campbell and Cable contradicted him and [...]

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Cable quotes

Here are assorted Tom Cable quotes from after the Raiders’ 33-17 loss to Miami: Q: the defensive front didn’t play well. Cable: On the line of scrimmage it’s a street fight and you either get after it and start right from the beginning and set a mentality for the day [...]

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49ers vs. Raiders

Which is a better football team, the 49ers or Raiders? This is a serious question and I ask it in some ignorance. I've been on the World Series beat and have not seen either football team play in a while. The Niners have a worse record than the Raiders but [...]

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Cable: smart guy or nut case

Raiders coach Tom Cable is either a smart guy or a nut case, or both. He made a brilliant, brave decision today to bench Al Davis' hand-picked quarterback, Jason Campbell and put in backup Bruce (Almighty) Gradkowski to start the second half. Campbell was losing the game and Gradkowski won [...]

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Fire Cable?

Greg Papa raised an interesting question with me and Mark Purdy on Comcast last night. If the Raiders lose to the Rams Sunday, should Al Davis (or will Al Davis) fire Tom Cable? I say, yes -- he should. I don't know if he will. I don't think Davis should have [...]

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