Tomsula fired, Baalke not fired

Link to Monday column. Text below: SANTA CLARA What happened was they fired Jim Tomsula couple of hours after the game. Niners beat Rams 19-16 in overtime. Didn’t matter. Niners had seen enough of Tomsula. Everyone had, except maybe his wife and kids. End of The Tomsula Era. Call it [...]

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Giving Baalke credit

Here is an early link to my Friday column about Trent Baalke. The full text runs below: This is in praise of Trent Baalke. No, not quite praise. This is acknowledging Baalke did the proper thing. He must do more for full-on praise, do more to show he’s an upright, [...]

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Ray McDonald and due process

Here is a link to my Thursday column about the firing of Ray McDonald. The full text runs below: The 49ers probably did the right thing in dumping Ray McDonald. He seems like a troubled guy and his trouble seems to involve hitting women or worse. And the NFL just [...]

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Harbaugh vs. Baalke

Here is a link to my Friday column on the Niners. Sorry I didn't post it Thursday night but I was so shocked by the Raiders' win I temporarily lost my mind. The full text runs below: Here is today’s quiz. Think of this as a reading comprehension test, some [...]

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49ers and due process

Jim Harbaugh and Trent Baalke keep invoking due process when they discuss Ray McDonald, accused of and arrested for domestic violence. Due process is a legal term that does not necessarily apply to a person's standing in a private company. McDonald should not play in Dallas on Sunday. He should [...]

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Trent Baalke and friends

Here is a link to my Friday column about 49ers general manager Trent Baalke. The full column appears below: SANTA CLARA - Trent Baalke slipped quietly into the 49ers’ facility around noon on Thursday. The coaches and players were furiously preparing for the Seahawks and talking to media from all [...]

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49ers must cut AJ Jenkins

Here is the opening to my Tuesday column about A.J. Jenkins: The 49ers need to cut A.J. Jenkins. Or put it another way. If the 49ers are serious about putting the best team on the field Sept. 8 against Green Bay, Jenkins will not be part of the team. This [...]

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49ers draft Eric Reid

Here is the opening to my Friday column about the 49ers' first draft pick, Eric Reid: SANTA CLARA The overriding question for the 49ers in the first round of this year's college draft was not: Who will general manager Trent Baalke pick? Obviously, that was a very important question. The [...]

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49ers must draft quarterback

Here is the opening to my Thursday column about Trent Baalke's pre-draft news conference. I advise Trent to draft a quarterback: SANTA CLARA Lowell Cohn: “Trent, are you going to draft a quarterback?” Trent Baalke: “I would never tell you, Lowell, if we're going to draft anybody.” Cohn: “Let me [...]

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Taking stock of Trent Baalke

Here is the opening to my Tuesday column which takes stock of Trent Baalke's performance in free agency, leading up to the NFL draft in two weeks: The gala production commonly known as the National Football League college draft looms. It is a three-part production coming April 25 to a [...]

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