Troy Smith to start

I am on a semi-vacation, am not writing columns until the Raiders game on Sunday and am not driving to Santa Clara. I read in several places Troy Smith gets the start on Sunday in St. Louis. The fact that Singletary goes back and forth between the Smiths means neither [...]

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49ers: One Smith is as good as another Smith

This is the story of the Smiths, Alex and Troy. One week Alex plays, the next week Troy plays and it goes on and on. I interviewed Alex today as he gets yet another chance to start in his chancy career. He addressed what he needs to do and how [...]

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Smith vs. Smith

Mike Singletary said Troy Smith will be the starting quarterback in the next game vs. Arizona. He chose Troy Smith over Alex Smith which clearly means Alex's career is over in San Francisco. Alex is no good but Troy isn't so hot, either. You know what? It doesn't matter which Smith [...]

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Troy Smith must be starter

Troy Smith must be the starting quarterback if the Niners are to make anything out of this strange season. Mike Singletary did not commit to Troy after the game but he'll get his head on straight in the next day or two. Troy makes big plays and plays with guts [...]

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Troy Smith part 2

Quickie halftime impression of Troy Smith. Good long throw arm. Better than Alex. More adaptable than Alex. More aggressive than Alex. I'm not sure how good Troy is on the subtleties of the game. He seems to hold the ball too long sometimes. I'd like to see him run more. [...]

By | November 14th, 2010|9 Comments

First impression of Troy Smith

My first impression of Troy Smith? Well he just threw a 65 yard laser to Josh Morgan. Great pass. Terrific arm strength. Alex Smith doesn't make that play. So I'm impressed so far. Lots of game to go.

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Troy Smith watch

Quick note on Troy Smith a half hour before the game. I have seen highlights of him but I haven't seen him play -- certainly never in the flesh. So I'm curious. Is he just another nobody or does he actually have something to offer the 49ers as they move [...]

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Alex Smith vs. Troy Smith

With the Niners things are never certain. Here's what I mean. If Troy Smith has a good game vs. the Rams and the Niners win, it's goodbye Alex Smith because Troy will be the starter from here on out. OK, we've got that. But what if Troy stinks? He could [...]

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Troy Smith and no excuses

I'm sitting here at AT&T Park getting ready for Game 1 of the World Series. I'm reading that Troy Smith will start in London for the Niners instead of David Carr. The 49ers are in a tough spot, had a real tough decision between Carr who is no good and [...]

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Nate Davis cut part 2

The Niners signed quarterback Troy Smith to a one-year deal to be the third quarterback, after cutting Nate Davis. Smith won the Heisman Trophy playing for Ohio State and was drafted by the Ravens in the 5th round in the 2007 draft. He is 1-1 as a starter with a [...]

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