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Vernon Davis out of line

Here is a link to my Thursday column about the holdout of Vernon Davis. The full text runs below: SANTA CLARA — Let’s get the important stuff out of the way. Jim Harbaugh’s pants. He spoke to the media Wednesday at high noon at the edge of the practice field, spoke while surrounded by cameras and microphones, answered questions about Anquan Boldin and other 49ers. While he spoke, I eyeballed his trousers. You would have, too. As you know, his… Read More »

Eric Reid and Vernon Davis active

Vernon Davis and Eric Reid are active for today’s game against the Saints. This was just announced in the press box. Both suffered concussions last Sunday. Reid got knocked out, as in he lost consciousness. If Reid were a boxer in California, he would have to wait 90 days before he could fight again. I am not criticizing the 49ers’ doctors. They know their business. My experience covering boxing makes me worried, squeamish about letting concussed players play so soon.… Read More »

Vernon Davis says a bad word

On Thursday, Vernon Davis said a bad word. I happen to love that he said it, and as curse words go, it has tremendous power and popularity. I now think more of Davis than I ever did before. Davis also spoke about going into the playoffs for the first time and he spoke about Michelangelo and he spoke about being a blocking tight end and a pass-catching tight end. Man, did he talk. To read my column about Davis and… Read More »

Frank Gore vs. Vernon Davis

I don’t usually link to my son Grant’s 49ers posts in the Cohn Zohn — too much squawking from the Peanut Gallery. But he just put up a post about Vernon Davis and Frank Gore which, in my humble opinion, is an absolute classic. It is a revealing portrait of both players and it’s funny, endearing, and a fantastic behind-the-scenes look at what goes on in a locker room between two friends, two good guys, who also are rivals. To… Read More »

More 49er silliness

I got this Vernon Davis quote from this morning’s Chron. Heres’ Davis on how the Niners and not Seattle should be in the playoffs: “We really deserved that. We had the better team. We were better than anybody — anybody we played. We were just as good if not better. But we just couldn’t pull it off.” Davis is expressing an interesting philosophical position. “He is an essentialist.” He is saying the 49ers are a playoff team in spite of… Read More »

Vernon Davis: ‘not about the money’

We just had a conference call with Vernon Davis and Mike Singletary about Davis’ contract extension — interesting this got accomplished the day before the season opener. There’s symbolism in that. I won’t go into all that Davis said. Read Eric Branch for that. But I want to focus on one thing. Davis told us, “It’s not about the money.” Really? It’s not about the money. You mean to say Davis signed for a potential $37 million and it’s not about the… Read More »

49ers extend Vernon Davis

The 49ers announced today they signed tight end Vernon Davis to a five-year contract extension that runs through 2015. Good for them. This means they have locked up Patrick Willis and Davis for many years. It shows the Niners recognize and value impact talent and do what’s necessary to keep it. This also dispels any feeling that the Niners did not appreciate Davis.

Vernon Davis vs. Michael Crabtree

Hello Cohn Zohn, this is Grant. I just read the great Matt Maiocco’s piece on the Michael Crabtree – Vernon Davis squabble. Here’s my impression: Mike Singletary has created a double standard on the team. When he started as a head coach, he made his splash kicking Davis off the field during the game and humiliating him to the press after it. No one’s bigger than the team was his message, and Davis bought in. Then Jed York extended Singletary’s… Read More »