I was not in Santa Clara today. I just read the transcript of Colin Kaepernick’s interview with the media, a transcript provided by the Niners. Kaepernick said: 1) He did not watch the Monday night game in which Seattle, San Francisco’s next opponent, participated. 2) He speaks to the media only because his contract obligates him to.

Here is my response, and I hope Kaepernick returns to Earth long enough to read it.

I am appalled that the 49ers starting quarterback did not tune in to the Monday night game when 6 days later he would be facing one of the teams.

Very immature and a missed opportunity to watch how the Seahawks attacked Drew Brees and attempted to cover his receivers.

Also, he missed the chance to listen to Jon Gruden’s analysis of the Seahawks defense. Maybe Gruden had a perspective or points of interest that the 49ers coaching staff has not presented to their quarterbacks.

Missed opportunity to learn in an external environment without coaches speaking their rhetoric.


Lack of maturity to understand his obligations for him to say that he signed a contract to play football, not to engage the media.

Bill Walsh had players at every annual training camp sit for a media seminar so they would understand their obligation as well as their protocol for dealing with the media.

Maybe Kaepernick forgets that it is the fans in the stands who pay his salary and they get their news and impressions of the players from the media who work hard to do an honest job.


His whole interview shows his immaturity.  Chris Ault surely did not teach him to be so disrespectful to the media at UNR.  They begged for media exposure as a member of a non-qualifying conference.

Obviously, totally reflecting the disdain of Jim Harbaugh when dealing with the media.

What a shame. When CK was drafted he seemed like such a nice kid.

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