It has come to my attention that Grant Cohn, my son, has upset Niners offensive tackle Anthony Davis. Radnich and Krueger were talking about it this morning on KNBR.

This upsetting of Davis is a serious matter. Grant wrote a blog on Thursday from practice and Davis took offense and fired off several tweets criticizing Grant. Davis subsequently removed the tweets — I can’t imagine why.

But I take this matter of Cohn vs. Davis very seriously. I told Grant in no uncertain terms that it is wrong to upset professional athletes under any circumstances. I myself have made it a practice over a long career never to upset athletes, never ever to write anything to hurt their feelings even if it means not telling the truth. In this tough world we all need to get along.

FYI, as a penalty for upsetting Davis, Grant must do all the dishes at home for two weeks and I’ve taken away his car keys. To read what Grant wrote that sent Davis into a tizzy please click here.

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