Breaking news. Posey did not hit a home run in tonight’s Giants slaughter at the hands of the Dodgers. He didn’t have an RBI either. Hey, I know homers and RBIs are old-style metrics and I’m a moron to refer to them. But Posey, the Giants’slugger,’ has two homers and four RBIs and it’s May. That makes him great I suppose. The Rockies Nolan Arenado has seven home runs and 17 RBIs. Me, I’ll take Arenado over Posey in my batting order, although that shows I know nothing.

Am I being unfair to Posey? No. He’s the Giants best and he’s not good enough. He came up in the seventh with two men on and grounded out to short. Typical. Sure, the Giants relievers suck and their starting pitching I’ll grade “Suck-plus.” And they have injuries, although Denard Span being injured may not be so awful. Not that I wish him anything bad. He seems like a nice man. It’s just that he adds nothing. And I mean nothing. So, yes, there are worse players and worse issues than Posey.

But Posey is the standard bearer. Some standard bearer. This year’s Giants are history. And he disappoints.

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