The Sporting News recently rated the 32 NFL head coaches. I find this rating interesting and valuable for its portrayal of Mike Singletary and Tom Cable, our two local head guys. The Sporting News is not Bay Area — it is national. That means it is not 49ers or Raiders centered. So when I looked at its ratings I felt this might be a form of reality testing. Where do our guys fit?

Before I get to that, let me tell you their top 10 coaches, in order.

1. Bill Belichick, Patriots

2. Sean Payton, Saints

3. Jeff Fisher, Titans

4. Mike Shanahan, Redskins

5. Mike Tomlin, Steelers

6. Andy Reid, Eagles

7. Tom Coughlin, Giants

8. Ken Whisenhunt, Cardinals

9. John Harbaugh, Ravens

10. Rex Ryan, Jets

As you can see, our guys did not make the top 10. So what did they make?

Singletary came in way ahead of Cable. That doesn’t mean Singletary came in high. He is behind Norv Turner, whom the Niners once had. Sporting News rated┬áSingletary 21st — that’s almost the lower third of the bunch. Think about that. There is a lot of excitement about Singletary among 49ers fans, and good for them, but a publication with some distance is not impressed by Singletary’s personna. The Sporting New wants results. If Singletary can deliver this season and win the division his rating will improve. But he needs to deliver.

That brings us to Cable. He gets rated 29th of 32, as in four from the bottom. Which raises a question or two: He didn’t come in last? Who could be worse than him? Well, try Jim Schwartz, Lions; Raheem Morris, Buccaneers; Steve Spagnuolo, Rams.

Surely in rating Cable where it did, Sporting News noticed his 9-19 record, noticed he is yet another Al Davis stooge. A coach does not get high marks for that.

Some Zohn readers tell me Cable is doing a great job. Where? When? If he produces this season, say goes 8-8, his rating will rise and observers will give him due credit. Like Singletary, he must produce.

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