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Warriors beat Blazers in Game 2

Click here for my column on Game 2. If there are lapses of logic or grammar or if there’s just plain gibberish in this column, I can well understand it. I was writing two separate columns on my screen — Warriors win, Warriors lose — until they finally took the lead late in the fourth quarter. Thank God. I have no idea if I reconciled the two columns. The 11 pm deadline was breathing in my face. I’m home drinking… Read More »

At Oracle Arena

Got here an hour ago. Real early because A’s also playing and there was danger of not getting a parking space. Can you imagine this call to my editor: “Sorry, couldn’t cover Playoff Game 2 because I was a slug and got there late and there were no parking spaces and I drove home defeated.’ So, I’m here. And I’m wondering. Will this game be a repeat of Game 1? Somehow I think it will. Somehow I think I could… Read More »

Rating the Warriors, in a sense

The Warriors have three players in the NBA top-10: Curry, Green, Thompson. Bogut is not a top-10 player but he is one of the best centers in the league and critical to the Warriors success. If there is a better core of players in the league, I don’t know it.

Kerr on if Draymond Green is a superstar

Had this interaction with Steve Kerr at Monday morning Warriors practice. Kerr had said Green is one of the best two-way players in the NBA – offense and defense. Me: When you say Draymond is one of the better two-way players, does that translate as being a superstar, and I know that’s a vague term? Do you put him in that category? Kerr: I’m not sure what a superstar is because sometimes that could mean the guy with all the… Read More »


I always like the first game of a playoff series. We all learn so much. What each team thinks of the other. What works. What doesn’t. Which team has more talent, more grit. Which team makes more clever adjustments. Who is The Man on the floor. All will be skewed because Curry won’t play. But the games go on. And we learn. The world will be a slightly different place after Game 1.


I just drove into Coliseum parking lot. Both A’s and Warriors play day games and the lots are filling up with happy people. This is what the ballpark and arena were made for — multiple events. Lots of fun.