Here come the Olympics, I guess

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THESE are the Giants?

Watched all 3 Giants-Yankees games on TV. The Yankees can't hit, not like when they had Mantle, Maris, Berra, Jackson etc. etc. And I kept saying to myself, "THESE are the Yankees?" After the Giants dropped two of three and also couldn't hit, I said to myself, "THESE are the [...]

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The book on Chip Kelly

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Don’t panic about Giants

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Not a fan of Ted Robinson

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A’s firesale

When do A's start unloading players like Sonny Gray and perhaps Reddick for a "future" that never comes?

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Jim Harrison redux

Please forgive me for the nonsports posts lately. I'm on vacation. Mind elsewhere. And how. Have been reading through Jim Harrison who died recently. Do not like his early stuff, especially Legends of the Fall which made his reputation. His late stuff -- and I mean very late -- is [...]

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Weisinger Wine

Because I'm on vacation, I'm doing a lot of pleasing myself. It is 7:30 on a cool Oakland night, and I'm sitting on my back deck drinking from a bottle of Weisinger Pinot Noir 2013. Weisinger is a family -- and I mean family -- winery in the up-and-coming Rogue [...]

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Alison Bernstein, my cousin

My cousin Alison died recently. Her mom and my mom were sisters, and Alison and I grew up like brother and sister. She had cancer and, thank God, I took time off from the Warriors and visited her in Manhattan about a month ago. She hardly could get out of [...]

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Where’s Lowell?

On vacation for two weeks. Took a drive with Mrs. Cohn Zohn today. Did not write on Durant. Being on vacation means never having to say you're sorry.

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