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What Bochy did right by doing nothing

Here is a link to my column about Game 3 of the World Series. The full text runs below: SAN FRANCISCO — Sure, one Giants’ crisis took place on the field Friday night. They lost to the Royals 3-2, couldn’t overcome a one-run Royals’ lead, and fell behind two games to one in the World Series. It was a dispiriting loss, and now we discover who these Giants really are. But a second crisis took place, one you couldn’t see.… Read More »


From the press box I see thick puffy clouds extending from beyond left field past center field to right field. It’s like watching a baseball game in heaven.

Bruce Bochy blew it

Here is a link to my column about Game 2 of the World Series. The full text runs below: KANSAS CITY — Criticize Bruce Bochy. Criticize him big time. Bochy blew Game 2 of the World Series. He is a great manager who probably will go into the Hall of Fame. I would vote for him. And he’s a good guy. But he mismanaged Game 2, a Royals’ 7-2 win. Even he is not immune to lousing things up. It… Read More »

The cat

There is a cat in the ventilation system of the Royals press box. I’m sitting here preparing for the game and every once in a while I hear a meow ovewr my head. Killion and Kawakami hear it too. Do we call it a Royals cat?

On Seeing

For Game 1, I sat in the auxiliary press box although I have a seat in the main press box. The aux box is down the left field line. I sat there because there is a post in front of my face in the main box and I need to crane my neck to see the batter. I thought I could see better from the aux box. Also, my colleague from the PD, Phil Barber, is sitting in left field… Read More »

Giants win Game 1, as usual

Here is a link to my column about Game 1 of the World Series. The full text runs below: KANSAS CITY — So, these are the Kansas City Royals? Really? We’ve heard so much about this force out of the Midwest, this miracle team. They had not lost in the postseason, were 8-0. They were red hot. Well, miracle shmiracle. The Giants cooled them down 7-1 in Game 1 of the World Series. Crushed them is more like it. The… Read More »

Who is a real Giant?

Here is a link to my column from Monday’s World Series media day. The full text runs below: KANSAS CITY, Mo. As the first game of the World Series looms, here is a simple question: Who is a real Giant? Is Matt Cain a real Giant? Is Marco Scutaro? Is Angel Pagan? It’s a vague question, I admit. So, I’ll lay out my terms. A true Giant is a player who gets off his butt. Gets off his butt for… Read More »

Chili Davis leaves A’s

Chili Davis is leaving the A’s to become batting coach for the Red Sox. It is a big deal — a big bad deal for the A’s. Chili is a great hitting coach. He works long hours. And he is a great guy. I have a theory why he left the A’s — I have not talked to him about it. I can almost guarantee the Sox are paying him more money, the money he deserves. I can almost guarantee… Read More »

The pillbox

There are many ways I know I’m old. The pillbox is one of them. I am packing today because tomorrow I fly to KC for the World Series. When I was younger, packing was simple. I packed my clothes. Now I have to pack the pillbox, one of those things with compartments labeled Sunday, Monday etc. I put all my pill bottles out and drop pills into the appropriate compartments. If you are old, you know what I’m talking about.… Read More »