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Baseball commish wants to end defensive shifts

Here is a link to my Tuesday column about Rob Manfred’s really bad idea. The full text runs below: File this in the Really-Bad-Idea Department. Rob Manfred, the guy who’s been commissioner of baseball for about a minute, went on ESPN the other day and said Major League Baseball should think about banning defensive shifts. Maybe Rob was having a bad day. Maybe he’s overwhelmed at being Bud Selig’s successor. Maybe he spoke before he thought. But come on, Rob.… Read More »

University of California and athletes

Here is a link to my Sunday column about high college standards and the University of California, which doesn’t always have high standards. The full text runs below: The University of California almost did something important. The regents almost tied coach salaries to academic performance at UC campuses. That includes Berkeley, UCLA, the full schmear of campuses in the great, elite, praiseworthy University of California system. The regents decided to table the proposal, to engage in more discussions. They are… Read More »

A death in the family

Mrs. Cohn Zohn’s aunt Jeannette, 85, died an hour ago. We just got the call as we ate dinner. Death doesn’t wait for the polite moment. Jeannette lived in Colusa County and was an almond rancher, and we loved her. Such a smiling, warm-hearted, dear woman. We have a funeral to plan and details to work out and grieving to do. Death is complicated. She was Grant’s great aunt and the great great aunt of our grandchildren. She came to… Read More »

The Marshawn Lynch enigma

Here is a link to my Tuesday column about Marshawn Lynch. The full text runs below: Seattle’s Marshawn Lynch is a great running back, a man with strong legs and tremendous heart. He refuses to fall even with a gang of defenders pulling him down. He is a player every team wants and he is the best player on the Seahawks’ offense. He also is a puzzling man who makes things tough on himself for no good reason. If I… Read More »

Jim Tomsula babbles

Here is a link to my Sunday column about Jim Tomsula, babbler. The full text runs below: I used to feel a certain way about the Nobel Prize when Al Davis ran the Raiders. If the Nobel committee offered me the Nobel Prize for Literature but said I never again could cover the Raiders, I would turn down the prize. That’s how much of a hoot they were. Al showing his kiss-off letter to Lane Kiffin on the overhead projector… Read More »

Matt Maiocco and me

I was feeling worried about Matt Maiocco. Every time I turned on the radio or watched CSN BayArea he was saying Tomsula might be Niners coach, don’t forget Tomsula. I thought Matt had lost his mind, or maybe a source was leading him astray. I really was worried about Matt. We are good friends, worked together for years at the PD. The crib my two grandkids slept in was the crib Matt’s daughters slept in. There always is a part… Read More »

Raiders hit, Niners miss

Here is a link to my Tuesday column about the Raiders great hiring and the Niners joke hiring. The full text runs below: The Raiders got rid of the untalented guy, the ordinary guy and hired someone special. The 49ers got rid of someone special and hired the untalented guy, the ordinary guy. It almost reads like an equation, and the equation means the Raiders are on the way up and the Niners are going down. To complete the equation… Read More »

Change of plans for Lowell

The Press Democrat doesn’t want me to wait a day before writing on the Niners. So I’m writing a combined column on the Raiders great hire and the Niners joke hire. I love how things change so fast in daily journalism.

What’s Lowell doing

I wrote a column about the Raiders and Jack Del Rio for Thursday. Great hire. Will write about the Niners and Jim Tomsual for Friday. Horrible hire. So many things happening.