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Some Kindle questions

Here in Vacationland I’ve been reading tons of books, mostly on my new Kindle. The device is good when I’m traveling because it’s easy to pack. I also like that it’s backlit and that I can increase the type size as my sight continues to diminish. So, I like the Kindle although I still love real books more. But one thing puzzles me. There are lots of misprints in the text. I think they are misprints, certainly there are words… Read More »

In praise of the Benbow Inn

Mrs. Cohn Zohn and I just returned from five days in Ashland, Oregon at the Shakespeare Festival. What a wonderful town. We go there every year. On the way home, we stopped for two nights at the Benbow Inn in Garberville, a place we’ve been staying at for about 35 years. Have you ever been there, at this lovely “castle” in the redwoods? It was built about 90 years ago, designed by the same architect who designed Jack London’s Wolf… Read More »


On vacation and reading like mad. Just finished the rediscovered 1965 novel “Stoner” by John Williams. I never heard of Stoner or Williams, but they are now the rage. I loved this book. Have you read it? What do you think?

Giants just gotta have fun

After the Giants got beat yet again on Friday, that philosopher Matt Cain said the Giants need “to act like a bunch of little kids.” He meant the Giants need to have fun, baseball, after all, being a game. When Frank Robinson managed the Giants — Robinson in the Hall of Fame and all that — he had contempt for the have-fun, be-kids approach to ball. He said, correctly, major league baseball is hard and it’s serious.  He said the… Read More »

A’s vs. Giants

I find it interesting that the A’s, who have the best record in baseball, are adding two big-time pitchers to make the team even better, and the Giants, who are doing a fast fade, so far have done nothing.

Question regarding soccer

Our country’s participation in World Cup was exciting. Soccer is a good game, although I admit I don’t know much about it.  But one thing I don’t understand. Why do sports writers and TV commentators and bloggers keep proselytizing about soccer? After the US got eliminated, I read in the NY Times how we lost but our participation was a victory for soccer in general. I read lots of stuff like that. And the implication seemed to be that we… Read More »

Where’s Lowell?

I’m on vacation for a month. Just about to board a flight from Atlanta back to the Bay Area. I was here for a wedding. I won’t be writing columns for a while but will blog from time to time. It’s more than 80 degrees here and muggy.

On the Warriors’ non-draft

Here is a link to my column on the Warriors’ non-draft. The full text runs below. OAKLAND — The Warriors did nothing on Thursday night. That means they whiffed on the NBA draft — that exercise in loud talking you watched on ESPN. Why did the Warriors have no picks? They had a first-round pick, but surrendered it a year ago in the Andre Iguodala multi-team, hold-your-nose trade. They had a second-rounder but gave it up to get Nemanja Nedovic… Read More »

Kevin Love and the Warriors

Here is a link to my Thursday column. The full text runs below: Thursday night is the NBA draft. The Warriors have no picks, but that could change. We can say with certainty the Warriors will choose a player tonight or they won’t. You read it here first. The big news – well, the big rumor – is they want Minnesota’s Kevin Love. Let’s keep going with this rumor stuff a moment. It’s not true to say “they” want Love.… Read More »

Yes, we have no forever stamps

Went to the post office today, the Montclair Branch in the Oakland Hills. Asked the postal clerk for 100 forever stamps. “We don’t have any,” she said. “Say what?” “We don’t have any.” “I’ve never heard of a post office not having stamps.” “I know,” she said, “but we don’t have any.” “Why?” “They haven’t come in.” “Is it just you or is it all post offices?” “Just us.” Well, that’s a relief