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Warriors going to finals

Here is a link to my Thursday column about the Warriors’ going to the finals. The full text runs below: OAKLAND — It was historic in its way. The Warriors defeated the Houston Rockets 104-90 and won the Western Conference final of the NBA. Banished in five brutal games the great James Harden, athletic Dwight Howard and crusty, ironic, fascinating coach Kevin McHale. Banished them because the Warriors are more clever, more talented and tougher. Especially tougher — they won… Read More »

The same thing

Currently, in Oracle Arena they show people who are not wearing a Warriors t-shirt and shame them into wearing it, show it on the overheard board. They did the same thing in Houston. They also do the Kiss Kam at most arenas. Wherever you go life is the same. It seems

Stephen Curry took a fall

Here is a link to my Tuesday column about Stephen Curry’s fall and Game 4 between the Warriors and Rockets. The full text runs below: HOUSTON Stephen Curry flipped head over heels in the second quarter, and then he flew. As he flew, he told himself the flight was taking a long time. He wasn’t used to flying solo for extended periods and he worried he would land hard and hurt himself. Hours later, he remembered worrying about the length… Read More »

50 years later, Sonny Liston took a dive

The great Robert Rubino and I engaged in a writing debate. On the 50th anniversary of Ali-Liston II, was the fight on the level or a fraud? I say it was a fraud. Robert disagrees. Here is a link to my side  of the argument. The full text of my article runs below: It was the phoniest knockout I ever saw, that time Muhammad Ali put down Sonny Liston for the count in some town called Lewiston, Maine, because the… Read More »

Warriors prepare for Game 4

Here is an early link to my Monday column about Game 4 between the Warriors and Rockets. The full text runs below: HOUSTON The dateline for this article says Houston but it really should say Oakland. This conversation took place in the interval between the Warriors’ playoff series against New Orleans and Memphis. I lingered at the Warriors’ gym with assistant coach Ron Adams, responsible for the Warriors’ defense. I held onto this interview for today, for the possible closeout… Read More »

Warriors can sweep Rockets

Here is a link to my Sunday Warriors column. The full text runs below: HOUSTON — It’s kosher to talk sweep, right? I mean, the Warriors, now up 3-0 after slaughtering the Rockets 115-80 in Game 3, are going to win this Western Conference finals series. I wouldn’t advise you bet the mortgage on it or offer your first born as security — those are never wise risks. But, come on, the Warriors are going to win and move onto… Read More »

James Harden fails

Here is a link to my Friday column about Game 2 between the Warriors and Rockets. The full text runs below: OAKLAND — When the buzzer rudely sounded and the Warriors had beaten Houston 99-98, James Harden, the Rockets superstar, one of the world’s great basketball players, fell to his knees and put his elbows on the floor and rested his head on the hardwood. It’s easy to know how he felt. He had held the ball with just seconds… Read More »

Curry flops

Here is an early link  to my Thursday column about the enormous scandal of Flopgate. The full text runs below: OAKLAND — I hereby accuse Stephen Curry of telling a fib. If he fibbed, can life ever be the same? Life as we know it. It all started Tuesday night when Curry went up for a 3-pointer, flicked that flickable wrist, made the shot — pure beauty. But as he shot, he also shot his right leg into defender Terrence… Read More »

Warriors win Game 1 vs. Houston

Here is a link to my column about Game 1. The full text runs below: OAKLAND — Haven’t we seen this before? The other team (fill in the name) gets off to a good start and the Warriors seem a little shaky and play so-so defense and throw the ball away too much and Steve Kerr resorts to some whacko lineup, like all shrimps or all giraffes, and maybe you think this other team (fill in the name) is going… Read More »

Prediction: Warriors in 5

Here is a link to my column previewing Warriors-Rockets. The full text runs below. FYI, I misspelled Duane Kuiper’s first name in this column. My bad. I mean I know how to spell it, had brainlock or jet lag. Called the paper. Hope they fix it. Duane, I’m sorry. OAKLAND Warriors in five games. Inescapable conclusion. All credit to the Houston Rockets. They came back from the dead against the L.A. Clippers. I mean on the doorstep of the hereafter.… Read More »