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A’s lose

The A’s had a 4-run lead going into the bottom of the 8th and lost. This game was a microcosm of their season — start out fast and fold.

Giants-Pirates preview

Here is a link to my Giants-Pirates preview — my Wednesday column. The full text runs below: PITTSBURGH — You’re the Giants and Pirates and you’re in the wild-card game and both of you have good teams. That’s expected. But can you pitch? Because I’ll tell you something, pal, this game is all about the pitching. This live-or-die game of knockout baseball is about the starting pitchers, about having an ace who makes bats miss balls, an ace who goes… Read More »

PNC Park — wow

Sitting in the press box at PNC Park in Pittsburgh waiting for Media Day to start. This yard is gorgeous, perhaps the equal of AT&T Park. I sit in the box and look past center field to the Alegheny River, traversed by three bridges painted gold. Behind the river is a neat, compact, highly civilized downtown. San Franciscans could feel at home in Steel City.

49ers beat Eagles

Here is a link to my column about the 49ers win over the Eagles. The full text runs below: SANTA CLARA Make no mistake. The 49ers’ season was on the line. Deeply in question before they rallied to beat the Philadelphia Eagles 26-21. Lose to the Eagles and you’re 1-3. A miserable .250 winning percentage through the first quarter of the season. Hard to recover from that. Hard to recover with two games left against the Seahawks and one against… Read More »

Wakeup call for Eagles

Some moron pulled the alarm at the Eagles hotel and woke them up in the middle of the night. I assume the moron is a Niners’ fan. Bad bad form. The Eagles are guests out here. You treat a guest with respect.

49ers-Eagles preview

Here is a link to my Sunday 49ers column. The full text runs below: The 49ers’ offense is a dud. If it were a song by Bob Dylan, it would be called “Positively Dud Street.” If you’re interested in numbers, the 49ers’ offense is a bottom-half kind of offense, tied for 20th in the league with those wimps, the Jets and Bills. All three teams average 20.7 points per game. That comes out to fewer than three touchdowns. That’s not… Read More »

A’s almost win

Here is a link to my Thursday column about the latest A’s loss. The full text runs below: OAKLAND — Give the Oakland A’s credit. They almost won on Wednesday. Almost winning is almost good. They almost beat the L.A. Angels, losing by the close score of 5-4. They were down 5-0 going into the bottom of the seventh inning and, in a stirring rally that made the fans happy, scored four runs, which was almost enough. It’s just that… Read More »

Kaepernick used N-word

Matt Barrows of the Sac Bee wrote an article saying Colin Kaepernick used the N-word to Lamarr Houston. Houston changed his story and pointed the finger at Kap. I understand that players say stuff to each other in the heat of a game I am not the language police. But it sure looks like Kap has been lying for more than a week. When a person keeps lying there’s a noun that seems applicable. You say he is a (fill… Read More »

Jim Harbaugh must lead

Here is a link to my Tuesday column about Jim Harbaugh. The full text runs below: SANTA CLARA Right after the 49ers blew the game to the Arizona Cardinals, Jim Harbaugh came to the interview room in Glendale, Ariz., for his post mortem. He had the energy of a limp noodle. You couldn’t blame him. Bad loss. It’s just that Harbaugh is a leader and, aside from leadership, a leader needs to show at least two things: competence and optimism.… Read More »

49ers fold

Here is a link to my Monday column about the 49ers’ stinker in Arizona. The full text runs below: GLENDALE, Ariz. — The 49ers will fold. A week ago, they folded in the second half against the Chicago Bears, gave up a big lead. Folded. On Sunday, they folded against the Arizona Cardinals. Let the roof fall in. Lost to a backup quarterback — 23-14. Advice to all 49ers’ opponents: Don’t fret if the 49ers sprint to a big lead… Read More »