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Warriors set record

Here’s a link to my column about the Warriors 16th straight win. The full text runs below. OAKLAND — The Warriors are the best. Tuesday night, they won their sixteenth game in a row to start this new season. Sixteen without a loss. Best start in National Basketball Association history. The game itself was nothing, an easy 111-77 blowout of the Lakers. When the Warriors walked to their locker room, they didn’t whoop and holler. “We said, ‘Congratulations,’ ” Festus Ezeli… Read More »

Fire Tomsula

Here’s a link to my Monday column after the Niners usual loss in Seattle. The full text runs below: SEATTLE The 49ers need to fire coach Jim Tomsula. Not at the end of the season. Fire him now. Before the next game. Put in an interim coach to drag the team through the final six games. Then fire him. Not to say Tomsula is the only problem. Jed York and Trent Baalke have plenty to answer for, and Baalke’s day… Read More »

I won’t miss Kaepernick

I want to be upfront about this. About Colin Kaepernick. I won’t miss him. I’m kind of glad he’s out of here — he almost surely is history with the 9ers. I don’t want him to be injured, although this one to his non-throwing shoulder does not seem like a career breaker. I just don’t want to deal with him ever again. Is he the most annoying athlete I ever covered? Of course not. Barry Bonds basks alone in that… Read More »

49ers have ‘pretty good’ chance vs. Seahawks

Here’s an early link to my Sunday column previewing 49ers-Seahawks. The full text runs below: SEATTLE The 49ers have a pretty good chance to beat the Seahawks. Pretty good isn’t very good or excellent, but it’s better than no way in the world or this game is so easy for the Seahawks it’s a joke. Well, check it out, this game isn’t a joke. The Niners have a definite chance to win, not a bet-your-mortgage-on-them chance, but a pretty good… Read More »

Bye-Bye Kaepernick

The Niners placed Colin Kaepernick on injured reserve, ending his season. Probably ending his strange, over-rated career in San Francisco-Santa Clara. Something about an injury to his non-throwing shoulder. He got this injury Week 4 and still was able to play. He was listed as probable for this game until he wasn’t. He experienced pain after the bye week. All very suspicious. I believe there’s an injury. I believe he could have played. I believe he and the team decided… Read More »

Festus Ezeli, hoops prodigy

Here is a link to my column on Festus Ezeli. The full text runs below: OAKLAND “I’ve read a lot about you,” I told Warriors center Festus Ezeli. “I could pass a test.” “What city am I from in Nigeria?” Wow, I didn’t expect that one. “Ahh!” he said laughing at me, “Benin City.” “I flunked,” I said. “It’s all right. It’s a long test.” “Are there essay questions?” “There’s a few.” That was my introduction to Ezeli, smart, playful,… Read More »

Do you feel sorry for Tomsula?

Here is a link to my Tuesday column about Jim Tomsula. The full text runs below: SANTA CLARA I hear this stuff from veterans in sports media, people who should know better: “I feel so sorry for Jim Tomsula. He got a raw deal. All those players left. He’s in a no-win situation.” “I feel so sorry for Jim Tomsula. Management gave him a bad team. What’s he supposed to do? Jim Harbaugh couldn’t do better with this group.” “I… Read More »

Raiders do slow fade

A link to my column on Raiders-Vikes. Full text runs below: OAKLAND You’re flying a beautiful kite on a beautiful day. Sonoma Coast near Sea Ranch. The wind is strong and forces your kite higher and higher. You love the feel of kite tugging hand. When, suddenly, the wind yanks the string out of your hand. Disaster. The kite pulls free, flees from you, and you stand there with that helpless feeling, seeing it sail away, sail into the horizon,… Read More »


Here’s a link to my column previewing the Raiders-Vikings game. The full text runs below: Another test for the Oakland Raiders. The Minnesota Vikings are in town, the 6-2 Vikings who have won four in a row and are tied for first place in the NFC North. Those Minnesota Vikings. Sure, this is a test for the Raiders. And they should pass — win. They better pass. Get that straight. The Vikings are overrated, have a good defense but a… Read More »