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San Francisco Giants say goodbye

Here is a link to my Tuesday Giants farewell column. The full text runs below: SAN FRANCISCO Giants management said goodbye on Monday. CEO Larry Baer and General Manager Bobby Evans and manager Bruce Bochy came to the interview room at AT&T Park for the final time this season, participated in a state-of-the-team Q&A. The Giants have a superior lineup going into next season. But their starting pitching is not superior. The Giants need to improve the rotation, make it… Read More »

Packers beat 49ers

Here is a link to my column on 49ers-Packers. The full text runs below: SANTA CLARA Most surprising after the Packers beat the 49ers 17-3, was the lack of tweeting by Jed York, putative owner of the team that used to play in San Francisco. York is a known tweeter. A prolific tweeter. After the 49ers lost to the Seahawks 19-3 last Thanksgiving, York showed the world his high professional standards by tweeting an apology to 49ers fans. He apologized… Read More »

49ers to lose big

Here is a link to my Sunday column previewing the 49ers-Packers game. The full text runs below: The 49ers are going down. Going down today against the Green Bay Packers. No polite way, no genteel or gentle way to express this. The 49ers will lose big. The Packers will murder them. The Packers can run up the score on the sad-sack, inept, sorry 49ers, run up the score if they care to. The Packers can make this game as ugly… Read More »

Blame Jed York

Here is a link to my Friday column. The full text runs below: It’s your fault, Jed. Your quarterback and head coach took the heat after that Arizona monstrosity, but it’s all your fault. Arizona was your fault and, before that, Pittsburgh was your fault. In two games, your team gave up 90 points and had almost no offense. Who knows what comes next for the 49ers? Well, for starters, Green Bay comes next. Good luck. No need to pile… Read More »

Football cliches

Cliches annoucers say: He’s good in space. He wisely threw it out of bounds. The big tight end. He’s a downhill runner. He’s a foot-ball player. This is the game of football. He really can throw the football. (Name the team) just wants it more. They just need to make plays. They need to go out and execute. He needs to buy dinner for his offensive line. Miscommunication on that one. He’s audiblizing at the line of scrimmage. The boo… Read More »

Praising SF Giants

Here is a link to my Thursday column. The full text runs below: Time to pay our respects to the Giants. They deserve respect. They mattered almost all season. They showed courage and brought drama to their fans even at the end when their roster looked minor league. They matter right now as a contender in 2016. This team always matters. It is not my job to make excuses for the Giants, but it doesn’t take a genius to notice… Read More »

When to fire Kaepernick

Here is a link to my Tuesday column about Colin Kaepernick. The full text runs below: SANTA CLARA When Jim Tomsula climbed onto the stage for his Monday post mortem — an apt phrase in this case — I immediately asked, “Why is Colin Kaepernick still your starting quarterback?” It was an urgent question considering Kaepernick’s four-interception game in Arizona, two of those interceptions of the pick-six variety, considering he threw for only 67 yards in four quarters and had… Read More »

What you got, 49ers?

Here is my column previewing the 49ers-Cardinals game. The full text runs below: One old football coach used to tell his players after a loss, “You feel sorry for yourselves, get out of here. You think the league feels sorry for you? No one feels sorry for you. You want to complain, talk to someone who gives a (expletive).” The old coach might have been talking to the 49ers. They went into Pittsburgh and got murdered 43-18. They got beat… Read More »

Recognizing Billy Beane

Here is a link to my Friday column. The full text runs below: As local big-league baseball games dwindle to a precious few, it’s time to pay homage to the people who made a difference. Who really made a difference in this year’s baseball picture. I am not talking Madison Bumgarner or Buster Posey or Bruce Bochy. Nothing against those guys, but I’m aiming way higher. Among us we have the biggest difference-maker in baseball, a paragon, and it’s appropriate… Read More »

49ers demolished

Here is a link to my Monday column about the 49ers-Steelers. The full text runs below: PITTSBURGH After the Steelers brought down the 49ers 43-18 and humiliated and exposed them, Jim Tomsula took over. He left the postgame interview room where he had told reporters the Steelers are good and their quarterback Ben Roethlisberger “creates” plays — you don’t say, Jim — and he made his way into the losing locker room. He walked over to linebacker Michael Wilhoite and… Read More »