What Lowell does

Today, get a smog check on my car, buy a bottle of wine at Kermit Lynch in Berkeley, finish Moby Dick -- looks bad for Ahab, take a nap. Retirement is torture.

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John Lynch

What are John Lynch's bona fides as a GM? What are Jed York's as an owner?

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Moby Dick

As some of you know, I'm rereading Moby Dick. I read an abridged version in high school, so it's like I'm reading it for the first time. I'm on page 500 of an edition with 671 pages and The White Whale has not yet made an appearance. This I didn't [...]

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Sports figures ripping Trump

When I wrote sports columns I never talked politics -- as far as I can remember. I take that back. I questioned Kaepernick talking politics in the locker room after real games and I expressed disappointment that an activist like him did not vote. But I usually stayed away from [...]

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Crummy night's sleep. Kept dreaming I had to cover a Giants game but couldn't find my press credential. Turned my house inside out. No credential. Woke up in a frenzy and realized, hey, I'm retired. Realized the credential dream is a variant of the academic paranoia dream. I'm taking a [...]

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How to reach Lowell

Hey, you can get to me on Twitter or my email: Lacohn@aol.com. I ¬†know my aol account shows I'm an old fogey. Duh. The La in my email is Lowell Arthur, not that the world needs to know.  

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A baseball story

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Raiders, the kid never stood a chance

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Raiders season already a success

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What Houston thinks of Texans

HOUSTON -- Cabdriver said Texans fans don't have much hope. He picked me up at the airport, was driving me to my hotel. Cabdriver said the quarterback -- Brock Osweiler -- is the problem. Never mentioned Osweiler by name. That bad. Said most people in Houston expect the Texans to [...]

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