I was talking to Iggy this morning before he drove down to Santa Clara to the Niners. I said the Raiders sure weren’t prepared with a backup quarterback after Jason Campbell went down. Poor Kyle Boller was not up to the task and, that being the case, the Raiders should have had a better backup.

Then I said, “The Niners are in the same fix with Kaepernick.”

Iggy fixed me with a stare.

“You don’t know that for a fact,” he said. “Kaepernick didn’t look good in preseason, but he’s been working with Harbaugh. We don’t know what he’s learned or how good he is.”

So, I stand corrected. Kaepernick may indeed be a suitable backup on his way to being a starter some day. He remains a bit of a mystery and I’m sure Jim Harbaugh wants it that way.