Please bear with me — I am adding to the Cohn Zohn discussion of whether or not to cancel the rest of Penn State’s football schedule this season. I already have lost the debate — no one is canceling anything. But I have more to say on the subject, anyway.

Thoughtful people on both sides of this issue have written into the Zohn. Many of you said “innocent” people should not get punished for what others perpetrated. By innocent people I take it to mean the current players themselves. Or perhaps you would include the fans.

Wait a minute. Who are the innocents in this story? They are the young children who got raped on the PSU campus. The players are not in their category.

The university should honor the real innocents by taking a moral stand and canceling the season. When you take a moral ┬ástand you usually give up something. You pay a price. That’s why moral stands are moral — because you sacrifice something by doing the right thing.

I can’t stand the way people think nowadays. I hear this from athletes all the time who do bad things — they say “I take full responsibility for what I did.”

It’s just empty words because they give up nothing. If PSU wants to take responsibility it should give up this season.

Or maybe not the whole season. Just tomorrow’s game against Nebraska. Cancel the game for God’s sake. Stan suggested this and I agree. Wow, do I agree.

Mrs. Cohn Zohn said this to me. “If there was a murder on the campus or if a serial killer murdered people on campus, they would cancel the next game out of respect. What happened to those boys is like a murder — some of their lives are ruined. They should cancel the game.”

Mrs. Cohn Zohn is 100 percent correct. Just cancel the game. For God’s sake, cancel the game. And if you say raping 10-year-old boys and then covering it up does not equal murder, then shame on you.