I’m sitting here waiting for Stanford to play Oregon and my mind wandered to tomorrow’s game between the Giants and Niners. I think the Niners will win, and kind of easily. They will run against the Giants and they will stop the Giants from running. Eli Manning will be forced to pass a lot and he’ll get picked off.

What will the score be?

I have no idea.

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  1. Kathy

    Sure hope you’re right! Really looking forward to the game, and to Stanford’s too.

    November 12th, 2011 5:08 pm

  2. Stan

    2-1 Giants.
    Wait,what sport are we?..wink.

    November 12th, 2011 6:10 pm

  3. Niners in 2012

    It just seems we’re a nightmare match-up for the Giants. They can’t run the ball, they can’t stop the run. Their strength is pass rush but we never pass the ball. Niners can make NYG one dimensional, and wait for Eli to make mistakes.

    November 12th, 2011 6:52 pm

  4. Zevi

    I hope so! I think the Niners got lucky with the schedule again. This is the Giants’ second-straight road game. The Chronicle pointed out that Harbaugh seems to have figured out how to handle long road trips successfully. But I hope the Giants are still recovering physically and mentally from the close game in New England last week.

    Too bad about Stanford.

    November 12th, 2011 11:35 pm

  5. russell

    Gee. Guess the Giants should have stayed home. They apparently can’t win.

    November 13th, 2011 1:56 am

  6. Lisbonio

    Hope that Stanford game isn’t a preview of the Niners/giants…

    November 13th, 2011 6:52 am

  7. Stan

    Andy Luck? Anybody else notice ever since the Phil Simms rip,Andy has been off with his throws? It looks like Simms is in his head-Those high passes,have “I can too,throw hard-take that” written all over it. He’s not the same.

    November 13th, 2011 8:11 am

  8. Dublin John

    Lowell, I am not that confident on this game, it seems to me if the Giants can force the Niners into 3rd and 5′s and Eli passes for 300 yards, Niners lose this one. But, I hope you are right………..

    November 13th, 2011 9:38 am

  9. B-Rad

    We have 3 tough teams left on the schedule:
    Giants, Ravens, Steelers: a combined 18 – 7
    The other 5 games are against the crummy NFC West:
    Cardinals twice, Rams twice, Seattle once: combined 8 – 32
    We have a 5 game lead, so enjoy the game and see whether
    Harbaugh has Alex stretch out a bit with some longer passes.

    November 13th, 2011 12:26 pm

  10. Matt

    Nice pick Cohn

    November 14th, 2011 3:24 pm

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