I’m up here in Ashland Oregon, but I still read about sports — hey, I’m on Comcast next Monday and don’t want to come off as a dope. I’m reading that Randy Moss will address the media today. Moss is a Hall of Fame receiver and a good pick up by the Niners. A few things I want to point out. According to what I’ve read, Jim Harbaugh is waxing enthusiastic about Moss’ attitude etc.

It may turn out that Moss will be great for the Niners, and everywhere he’s been teammates like him. But preseason tells nothing, zilch about a player’s attitude. Get that straight. It’s easy to be a wonderful guy when nothing is at stake. How will Moss react when he runs down the field open, waving his arm and Alex Smith doesn’t throw to him? That’s the real test.

Another thing. In an article I read by Cam Inman — click here to read it — Harbaugh told Rich Gannon he asked Moss to sit in the front row in meetings as a way to lure other receivers like Michael Crabtree to the front row. Apparently Crabtree sat in the back hidden in a hoodie. Morse agreed to sit in the front row — he’d be nuts not to — and Crabtree followed suit.

Excuse me, but Harbaugh is Mr. Tough Guy. You’re telling me he couldn’t just order Crabtree to the front row. He needs Moss to get that done? Gee, this reveals a whole new side of the coach.