There’s been discussion of AJ Jenkins since training camp started, lots of it. Jim Harbaugh even got into the act, and I’ll get back to Jim in a minute. Reporters at camp — I’m not there because I’m on vacation — well, camp reporters from the major outlets just about give daily glimpses of Jenkins’ progress, if he’s indeed making progress. People are focused on Jenkins because he was the Niners first pick in the draft, he was an unexpected and perhaps unusual pick and because the first pick tends to define the ability of the people who do the picking.

Harbaugh, who’s a regular Chatty Cathy these days, said he has five No. 1 receivers but he didn’t include Jenkins in that rather generous and expansive list. I mean, how can there be five No. 1 receivers? Harbaugh did include Kyle Williams, a sixth-round pick, in the list. It makes you wonder about Jenkins.

Harbaugh, as you know, also went off on one of his anti-media rants, saying the media has put down Jenkins (like Harbaugh didn’t) and he will keep a list of names of reporters who doubted Jenkins. Is that what you call an enemies list?

Why is Harbaugh defending Jenkins? Because he’s Harbaugh’s pick and Trent Baalke’s pick, and Harbaugh is defending — rather defensively — their judgment.

So that is the subtext of what’s happening vis a vis Jenkins at Niners HQ. Reporters judging the wisdom of the pick. Harbaugh defending his wisdom.