Here are odds to win the World Series, courtesy of Bovada. I thought you’d be interested.

Odds to win the 2012 World Series

Texas Rangers                          9/2

Cincinnati Reds                         13/2

Washington Nationals                7/1

New York Yankees                    7/1

San Francisco Giants                 9/1

Atlanta Braves                           14/1

Detroit Tigers                             14/1

Los Angeles Angels                   15/1

Oakland Athletics                      16/1

Chicago White Sox                    16/1

Baltimore Orioles                       18/1

Tampa Bay Rays                       18/1

Los Angeles Dodgers                 20/1

Philadelphia Phillies                   20/1

St. Louis Cardinals                     22/1

Milwaukee Brewers                    40/1

Pittsburgh Pirates                      66/1

Arizona Diamondbacks               90/1


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