The other day when I was home — I hardly remember what it’s like to be home — anyway the other day I took out my wallet. Grant saw it and said, “Dad, that’s a fat wallet.” I never had thought of my wallet as fat. But I looked at it and, yes, it is fat. Grant said the new style of wallet is slim. He showed me his, wafer thin. Since then I’ve peeked at my friends’ wallets when they take them out and they’re slim. I never knew my wallet is so out of style.

My wallet is fat because it holds money, credit cards, car insurance cards, health insurance cards, my Safeway club card, my Marriott and United Air Lines cards, my AAA card, driver’s license, Landmark movie theater card, some photos. I’m sure I’m missing some cards and other stuff.

So I ask you, do you have a slim wallet or a fat wallet like mine? If you have a thin wallet how in the world do you manage it?