Before tonight’s game Warriors coach Mark Jackson spoke about his being old school:

“I come from the day and time when if you played then nothing was wrong with you. And if you didn’t you were sick. You could be sick but if you played you were fine and you just got outplayed or you just played great. It would be great for me to say I don’t feel well and then go get 35 or get 3. I’ve got an excuse if I get 3 and if I get 35 I’ve got a Gatorade commercial with Phil Jackson.”

Anything else about him that’s old school?

“You do things the right way. You’re professional. You treat people well. You conduct yourself in the right manner. You can read a person whether they’re going to be successful or not by how they approach whatever it is that they’re doing. Some have great talent but nine times out of ten it’s going to be because of work ethic, determination and desire and not cutting corners.”