Now that Kendall Hunter is out for the season, the Niners need another running back. I wonder how they will handle this. They signed Brandon Jacobs in the offseason and it was a big-deal signing. Even though Jacobs was healthy, they almost never used him. This implies to me Jim Harbaugh is not wild about Jacobs. I am not questioning Harbaugh’s lack of wildness. Harbaugh likes darting, slashing runners like Frank Gore. Jacobs is not that kind of runner. He is a slam runner. He runs upright and slams into the line of scrimmage. He is not a Niners’ kind of runner and it puzzles me why Trent Baalke acquired him.

Maybe the 49ers will use Jacobs because now they have no choice. Or they could use LaMichael James or Anthony Dixon. But I don’t think Harbaugh is crazy about those guys, either. Or they could use Jewel Hampton. Really?