Mrs. Cohn Zohn was just buying something online for one of our grandchildren. She was shopping on Baby Gap website. At one point she threw up her hands and asked me to help. I tried. I had to do all the stuff over again, including credit card info. The site didn’t accept it. It wanted us to sign in. We don’t have an account with Baby Gap and don’t want one. We just wanted to buy this one present. I kept trying to put in a password. It kept rejecting me. I would have left the site but Mrs. Cohn Zohn really wanted to buy the gift. The site finally accepted us. Why? I have no idea.

Granted I’m a techno idiot, but these sites should not be so hard to use. I find Park N Fly hard to use. I like Park N Fly but I don’t like their site. I could go on about other annoying sites. People, please get it together.

Here are three sites that make sense to me and, as a result, I keep going back to them: Amazon, Southwest Airlines, Marriott.

Please tell me sites you like and sites you don’t like. Am I being unfair to Park N Fly which is a very good service?