Some readers of this blog — and some sports fans in general — have expressed outrage that Barry Bonds flopped on his first Hall of Fame ballot. Bruce Jenkins of the Chron said the Hall of Fame is ludicrous without Bonds. I didn’t vote for Bonds. I don’t feel ludicrous. I don’t think the voters are ludicrous. I didn’t vote for Bonds because I don’t want to condone cheating. I do not vote for cheaters and I believe Bonds was a cheater.

I know what some of you are thinking. Cheaters are in the Hall. Like Gaylord Perry. He threw a spitter and he’s in.

Wait a minute. There is a tradition of cheating on the field, of doing it in plane sight. Guy throws a spitter with the umps and the other team and the fans watching. Catch him if you can. Guys steal signs all the time. You get the point.

Taking PEDs is hidden, behind the scenes.

And one other thing. It always was illegal to take PEDs without a doctor’s prescription. No one ever got prosecuted for throwing a spitball.