I’ve been reading the comments on my blog about Barry Bonds and I’ve been reading lots of other stuff and I’ve been listening to the radio. One theme emerges: There is something wrong with the voting for the Hall of Fame. And the thing that is wrong is the voters. Sports writers are lousing everything up.

That may indeed be the case. I never asked to be a voter. The job comes with being a baseball writer. I do my best to vote intelligently and sincerely. I do NOT let personal feelings factor into my voting. I would have voted for Bonds, whom I can’t stand, if he didn’t cheat.

I never noticed people complaining about the voters before this year. Bonds didn’t get in and, all of a sudden, the sports writers are bums. Hey, I never took illegal steroids or whatever Bonds took. I didn’t break the law or lie for personal gain. So why am I — and my colleagues — the bad guys? Put the blame where it belongs and it does not belong with sports writers.