At Super Bowl media day today, Randy Moss proclaimed he is the best wide receiver who ever lived. The man is a twit. For starters, you don’t proclaim your own greatness. That’s for other people to say. And there’s the issue of him being plain wrong. Jerry Rice was better. Rice happened to play for the Niners so Moss is belittling a local hero. Twit. Rice had guts and ran across the middle and got slammed. Moss does not like to run across the middle. He doesn’t take hits. From what I heard — a good source — he had a route over the middle at the Oakland Coliseum when he was a Raider. They still had the dirt infield for that game. Without telling anyone he ran deep instead of across the middle. Later he said he didn’t like to run on dirt. Moss almost never speaks to the local media. His business. He finally talks and this is what he says? Twit.

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